Are You More CIA, FBI, ATF or Secret Service?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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Whether you are seriously looking at a career in the upper ranks of law enforcement or you are simply curious, you are on the right track to finding out. Not everyone is cut out to join the ATF, but there are things that could make them a fit for the Secret Service. Put any question you have to rest by surviving our quiz-style investigation!

When you read our questions, we expect you to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Those entering any of our featured agencies will need to meet strenuous requirements, and they will need the kind of grit that comes from a hearty personality. Once you answer the questions, we will be able to tell you which elite branch is the perfect one for your specific set of skills and aptitudes. 

Even if you've never considered one of the agencies as a viable option for your future, you might want to rethink your plans when you see your results. No matter where you get to report to work every day, you'll be doing the nation a great service. The question is — where should you end up protecting and serving? Ready to find out?

Have you ever been in the military?

Are you the type of person who carries a first aid kit?

Which one of your people skills is strongest?

What would you do when you first board Air Force One?

Which branch of the military do you think is toughest?

Which weapon would you want to use during a zombie outbreak?

Which first responder job sounds most challenging?

Can you tell when people are lying?

How would your current boss describe your attitude at work?

What do you have in common with a police officer?

How many times a week do you work out?

Do you possess good marksmanship skills?

How do you feel about taking orders?

Do you feel powerful in a uniform?

What part of your current job do you like the most?

Are you good at disguising yourself?

What are you like when you attend job interviews?

Are your technology skills good enough to be in the CIA?

What would be the best part of being in the Secret Service?

Are you a fan of working with children?

Which type of vehicle do you drive during your commute?

How do you usually communicate with your best friend?

Are you known to be able to keep secrets?

If you saw a bank robbery in progress, what would you do first?

Do you watch a lot of crime shows?

Which of these political issues do you think about?

What is the last thing you do before going to bed?

Which type of working dog would you enjoy working with?

Which of your qualities would make you a great CIA agent?

Do you sit with your back to the room or against the wall?

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