Are You More Cat Than Human?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Good morning, Cat Man, Cat Lady or nonbinary Cat Person! Are you always hearing that you and your cat look exactly alike? Do you have the uncanny ability to land on your feet, no matter how difficult a situation you find yourself in? Are you surprisingly graceful, unusually lucky or just a little bit aloof? 

If so, you may be more cat than person. To discover the actual truth about you, we've devised this quiz, which will reveal whether your actions, thoughts and emotions are feline, human or a fascinating mix of the two. Through questions about your body language, favorite foods and grooming practices, we're going to find out where on the cat-to-human spectrum you fall. Whether you purr when you're petted or are about as close to being a cat as a Labrador retriever is, our trusty quiz supercomputer will be able to figure it out.

Remember, there are no wrong answers. All you have to do is tell us your honest feelings about salmon, loud noises and milk. Do you dare to confess just how much of a Garfield, Heathcliff or Michelle Pfeiffer character you are? Stop listening to those Jellicle songs and come take this quiz!

How often do you shower?

What's your favorite way to sit on a chair?

Are you always texting people, or are people always texting you?

Which of these starlets do you resemble the most?

On a scale of 1 to Regina George, how much of a snob are you?

Liam Hemsworth is taking you out to dinner at a famous seafood restaurant. What do you order?

You've got unlimited shopping funds. Which designer store are you hitting up first?

Would you rather binge-watch "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" or "Riverdale"?

You're at a party. Your crush will be there soon. How do you want them to find you?

The best Catwoman performance ever was the one by ... ?

Which of these cat-related quotes do you relate to the most?

At school, a rival decides to insult you. How do you react?

Which of these cat-related songs is your "pre-funk" jam?

Your manager tells you that you need to up your game. What do you do?

What's cuter: a Maine Coon kitten or a Pomeranian puppy?

Tonight you've got an incredibly important date. How long does it take you to get ready?

Which of these drinks would you prefer, and how do you want to consume it?

If your closest friends had to describe you with a single word, what would it be?

Garfield or Heathcliff?

Look around at your room. How clean is it?

What's the longest amount of time that you've just chilled out inside?

Which human behavior is your greatest pet peeve?

If you could wave a magic wand and cause everyone in the world to act differently toward you, how would you change their behavior?

Have people told you that you're kind of complicated?

In your opinion, what's the greatest musical of all time?

Do you think you'd have the strength to disappear, move to a new country and start a new life?

How would you describe your perfect Sunday?

Are you a day person or a night person?

Could you make it in the CIA?

If you were actually a cat, who would your ideal owner be?

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