Are You More Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman?

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As you know if you haven't been living under a rock, there's a war going on in the nation's multiplexes -- or, heck, the world's! The Marvel and DC franchises are slugging it out for loyalty of moviegoers, and for at least a decade, Marvel has had the edge. But DC had one weapon in its arsenal that Marvel didn't: the world's most iconic female superhero, Wonder Woman. They played that card — and how! — in 2017, with the release of "Wonder Woman," which got glowing reviews from most critics and raves from fans. 

Marvel countered in 2019 with "Captain Marvel," which benefited from Academy Award winner Brie Larson in the lead and Samuel L. Jackson as a younger Nick Fury. The movie's heroine was a Kree named "Vers," who turned out to be a human named Carol Danvers, an Air Force fighter pilot adopted onto the Kree homeworld for reasons too complicated to go into here. 

The heroines of both films had certain things in common. For example, Captain Marvel's amnesia about her life on earth parallels Wonder Woman's sheltered life on the island of Themyscira, where she knows nothing about the outside world. But they diverge as well, with Captain Marvel displaying a wry cynicism about the world, whereas Diana of Themyscira views it with, well, wonder.

Curious about which fictitious heroine you most resemble? We've got a quiz to help you figure that out. Set your comics aside, answer from your heart, and let's see if you're more a DC or Marvel heroine at core! 

Which family member are you closest to?

Which sport would you most like to play?

What's your greatest personality flaw?

What do you do when you encounter prejudice?

Do friends call you a workaholic?

If you weren't a superhero, what job might you have?

Is infidelity always a breaking-up offense?

What's your personal style most like?

What's a good first date?

Which of the arts appeals most to you?

Do you consider yourself well-traveled?

How do you take your coffee?

How do you deal with a friend's betrayal?

What do you eat for breakfast?

What's a good age to get married?

How do you prefer to work out?

Which of these locations would you most like to live in?

How many kids do you have, or want?

Would your friends say that you like to party?

Do you consider yourself a good cook?

How much do you worry about your appearance?

What do you like to do on weekends?

How do you resolve a fight with your significant other?

Which diet appeals to you most?

What kind of pet most appeals to you?

How do you feel about home ownership?

Which of these qualities is a relationship deal-breaker?

Which of these addictions is most likely to ensnare you?

Which dessert appeals to you most?

What quality would you most want to pass on to a daughter or a girl who looked up to you?

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