Are You Meek or Are You a Warrior?

Brian Whitney

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While there are a lot of different kinds of people in the world, you might be surprised by how much it all boils down to your warrior mindset. Which type of warrior are you? Take this quiz to find out!

What is your view on life?

How motivated are you to get ahead at work?

If you needed to do build a deck at your house. you would...

Where would you tend to go on vacation?

Do you like to try new things?

How long would you survive in the wilderness?

Your best friend just insulted you, what to you do?

How do your friends describe you?

Are you a leader or a follower?

What would you do if you saw an alien?

Do you like motorcycles?

What would you do if your partner cheated on you?

Do you like a good shot of adrenaline?

When you get in a fight with someone, how does it make you feel?

Someone is behind you in traffic, beeping their horn and flipping you off, what do you do?

How much money do you want to make?

If this quiz doesn't come out the way you think you would be...

When was the last time you partied all night?

When do you get up in the morning?

Have you ever run a marathon?

What would you be most likely to do?

Are you in good shape?

Have you ever taken a class in martial arts?

Who were you in high school?

Do good girls like bad boys?

Would you make a good soldier?

Who would you be on Game of Thrones?

What do you dream of?

How do you ask someone out?

You just did something bad, what do you do?

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