Are You in Love?

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Love is elusive, but are you one of the lucky few who've found their soulmate? Play on to find out whether you can expect these feelings to sizzle out or grow even stronger!

Are you in a romantic relationship?

How old are you?

What's the longest relationship you've had?

Have you ever been in love before?

Do you live with your partner?

How much do you talk about your love interest?

What do you fall asleep thinking about?

How often do you hang out with your love interest?

Have you noticed yourself smiling more than usual?

Can you see yourself happily growing old with your love interest?

Are you comfortable with farting in front of your partner?

How would you describe your feelings?

Does your love interest share your feelings?

How do your friends feel about your partner?

Have you talked about marriage?

Have you introduced your partner to your family?

How long have you had these feelings?

Can you imagine a world where your love interest doesn't exist?

Have you ever felt this specific way before?

Does being with your love interest inspire you to grow as a person?

Have you told your love interest about your feelings?

Are you open about yourself with your love interest?

Do you get dressed up to see them?

Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you're with them?

How fast do you answer their messages?

Would you be willing to walk ten miles for the chance to visit with your love interest for a few hours?

When something good happens in your life, who is the first person you want to share the news with?

Do you go out of your way to make your love interest happy?

Has personal hygiene become more important to you since you developed these feelings?

Do you make each other laugh?

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