Are You Headed for Holiday Drama?

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The holidays are a time for friendship, love, celebration, and for many, drama comes a knockin'! Take this quiz to find out if you're headed for holiday drama!

Do you think you're headed for holiday drama?

Do you like to argue?

When's the last time you spoke to a family member?

Are you keeping anything from your family or friends?

Where are you spending the holidays?

Do you have to work over the holidays?

Are you feeling sick?

Do you drink at holiday gatherings?

Do you often debate politics?

What generation are you?

Do you make fun of other generations?

Do you have kids?

Can you cook?

Any family feuds you're aware of?

Are your parents together?

Do you like the holidays?

What's your favorite holiday?

Ideally, where would you like to spend the holidays?

What's your favorite holiday food?

Are you welcoming to other cultures' holidays?

Are you traveling out of state for the holidays?

Are you vacationing over the holidays?

Are you excited for the holidays?

Are you an only child?

Do you have weird holiday traditions?

Are you bringing a guest?

How would you describe yourself?

Is religion an important part of your holidays?

Do you often find yourself surrounded by drama?

What's your favorite season?

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