Are You Dating Your Soulmate From a Past Life?

By: Ian Fortey
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The idea of past lives is a very old and controversial one. Naturally, science would discount the idea immediately, but any good scientist would also let you know that just because science doesn't support something right now doesn't make it impossible. Consciousness, the idea of who we are or what makes us who we are, is something very much mysterious to science, after all. Do we have a soul? And if so, is it truly eternal? Has it experienced life before this life?  And if it has been around the block once or twice, who exactly was it spending time with in those past lives?

If you believe in the concept of a soulmate, then you have to admit it makes sense you guys should have experienced a few lives together. Your souls are intertwined, and there's a good chance you keep running into each other. So what about your relationships in this life? Is there a chance the person you're seeing right now had some significance in your past lives? Maybe they were that soulmate? If they were, things just might work out better than you think this time around. Let's do our best to figure out what kind of past you had together in lives before this one. Take the quiz and find out!

So when the two of you met, would you call it a love at first sight situation?

How long did you know each other before your first date?

How would you rank the first date you guys had, compared to past first dates?

How many dates are you usually going on in a month?

How many relationships have you been in that ended badly?

Have you ever thought you found "the one" before only to have it not work out?

How well do you get along with each others' families?

Do you feel like this relationship is heading toward something more serious?

How did the two of you meet, anyway?

When the two of you are together, do you have to endure a lot of awkward pauses?

What's the worst habit they have?

Where would you like to go on a date this weekend with them?

So, do they have decent kissing skills?

Can you picture the two of you together in another 5 years?

So, do you check your horoscope for insight into your love life?

Have the two of you argued over much during your relationship?

What do you think of their friends?

Prior to this, what was the longest relationship you ever had?

What restaurant would you like to go to for dinner with your partner tonight?

How many texts do you send them in a day anyway?

Does your partner believe in past lives?

If you were to be reincarnated rather than live another human life, what would you like to come back as?

What do you think your partner should be reincarnated as?

Do the two of you ever watch romantic movies together?

How much time is going to pass between the moment you wake up and the first time you speak to them in a day?

In general, do you meet more people online or IRL?

Where would you like to take your partner for a week-long vacation?

Who tends to end relationships more often, you or the other person?

Can you be happy when you're alone?

How many past lives do you think you've had anyway?

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