Are You as Compassionate as You Think You Are?

Zoe Samuel

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Some people think of themselves as all saint, but they are mostly sinner; others are the other way around. Do you accurately assess your own humanity, or are you kidding yourself?

Would you pass the Voigt-Kampff test on Blade Runner?

Do you care about other people?

Do you know what emotional labor is?

Are you good at emotional labor?

Did you ever bully anyone as a child?

When you see a sad news story, how long do you feel bad?

Do you give to charity?

Do you give to homeless people?

Do you gossip behind people's backs?

Do you think poor people are generally poor because of bad choices?

Do you believe in universal healthcare?

Do you believe in trying to be like Christ, more than preaching about Christ?

Do you tell people about your charitable giving?

If you saw a colleague hiding in the break room looking sad, what do you do?

If your friend called with an emergency but you were at work, would you leave?

If there were 6 donuts in the box and 5 people, what would you do?

Do you cry easily?

Do you know how to compartmentalize temporarily so you can be there for others?

Do you like most people?

If there is a news story about someone dying on the far side of the world, and one about the same thing in your country, do you feel roughly the same empathy for the families?

Do you believe in strong international alliances between your country and others?

Do you do anything to ensure your clothing is sweatshop-labor free?

Do you do anything to ensure the food you eat is cruelty-free?

Do you volunteer?

How often do you do something nice for someone else, just because?

Be honest: how good a person are you?

Do you sometimes help people because then they will owe you?

Have you ever not come through for a friend because you just weren't in the mood?

Have you ever heard something really sad and just started laughing uncontrollably?

Which is a higher virtue: generosity or kindness?

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