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Think you've got the smarts to ace this "Charmed" quiz? We dare you to get them all right.

"Charmed" is a US television show that ran for eight seasons for a total of 178 episodes. The show was about three sisters, witches, who did not know they had magical powers until after the death of their grandmother, who raised them. The sisters - Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano, formerly of "Who's the Boss" fame) Halliwell - learn that they are, collectively, the most powerful witches of all time. In later seasons, half-sister Paige Matthews (same mother, different father, played by Rose McGowan), takes the place of Prue, who was killed off at the end of season three. This replacement was necessary since the sisters' powers were contingent on the Power of Three.

Although the show could never be accused of being a serious show about anything, critics generally gave the show favorable reviews, calling it enjoyable and fun. However, in the later seasons, those reviews changed to complaints that the show became a bit soap-ish and focused too much on the love lives of the heroines and not enough on the theme of witchcraft.

You'll need to do more than charm your way through this quiz. Let's get started.

What is the name of the third Halliwell sister?

Phoebe was played by Alyssa Milano.


What is Phoebe’s main power?

Phoebe’s premonitions cover both past events and future foresights.


Charmed, is an American TV show about which kind of creatures?

The twist that Charmed offered is that their witches are not evil, but are good people.


What is the name of the second Halliwell sister?

Piper was played by Holly Marie Combs.


Phoebe unknowingly “activated” the sisters’ powers when she read passages from this "family book."

Since the three sisters were present in their ancestral home when Phoebe read from the Book of Shadows, the innocent passage became an incantation that activated their powers.


What is Piper’s main power?

Piper’s power is formally known as molecular immobilization. Fancy that.


In the Charmed mythology, what do you call the “guardian angel” of good witches?

The whitelighters, who have powers of their own, serve as protectors of good witches so no harm will befall them.


Where do the Halliwell sisters live?

San Francisco is a city in northern California.


Since the activation of their witch heritage, the Halliwell sisters are deemed powerful because of this kind of bond they have, which they call this.

It is said that three Halliwell sisters need to be united to become the most powerful good witches ever.


The Halliwell sisters find out that they are known as the “most powerful good witches” also called by this title:

According to their mythology, the Charmed Ones are destined to protect the world from evil, as they are the most powerful witches of all time. Pressure, eh?


The whitelighters also have an evil counterpart. What are they called?

Darklighters not only fight whitelighters but they could also directly harm good witches.


What is the name of the Halliwell sisters’ official whitelighter?

Leo was played by Brian Krause.


When Detective Trudeau died, his partner at the San Francisco Police Department became the police confidante of the Halliwell sisters. What was his name?

Darryl Morris was played by Dorian Gregory.


Charmed’s mythological structures, symbolizations and creatures are mostly based on this real-life religious movement.

As a movement, Wicca is characterized by a combination of ancient pagan symbols/practices and spirituality-focused rituals, and its practitioners often disassociate it from typical organized religions of the world.


Darryl Morris kept the Halliwell sisters’ witch identity a secret while trying to help them solve their demon problems. What was his rank at the police department?

Technically, a lieutenant is higher in rank than a detective in US police ranking.


Eventually, the Halliwell sisters discover that they have one great enemy to fight in their life. What was it called?

Apparently, The Source is male.


Not all protectors of good witches are non-human. What is the name of the Halliwell sisters’ first law enforcer protector?

Andy Trudeau was played by Ted King


San Francisco Police Department detective Andy Trudeau’s introduction to the show was via this past bond with Prue Halliwell.

Unfortunately, Detective Trudeau gets killed by a demon.


When Phoebe also falls in love with Cole Turner, the sisters later discover that he is actually this kind of creature.

Being half-human and half-demon, Cole Turner also has a few magic trick up his sleeves.


There is also a collective group of evil doers in the show, composed of upper-level type of demons. What are they called?

The Triad is the group that sends the evil protagonists to kill the Halliwell sisters.


The Book of Shadows feature this prominent symbol on the cover.

The triquetra symbol is also called the “trinity knot” for it intersects three interconnected leaf-like shapes that appears without beginning or end.


Charmed, is about the female siblings of which family?

The Halliwell sisters, living average lives, one day discover their witch nature, becoming the central plot of the show.


What is the collective name of the very powerful beings governing the world using goodness?

The Council of Elders, easily referred to as The Elders, are technically the big bosses of the whitelighters.


It turns out that the Halliwell sisters have a younger half-sister who can take Prue’s place in the Power of Three. What is her name?

Paige was played by Rose McGowan.


The Triad sent this district attorney to kill the Halliwells, but he ended up falling in love with Phoebe. What was his name?

Cole was played by Julian McMahon.


Cole Turner is actually a demonic assassin with a demonic-sounding name. What was it?

Cole and Phoebe eventually marry, but the sisters end up vanquishing him when he turns all evil on them. In fact, he gets vanquished many times by The Power of Three.


What is the name of the Halliwell sister’s mother?

Patty was played by Finola Huges.


What is the name of the eldest Halliwell sister?

Prue was played by Shannen Doherty.


What is Paige’s main power?

Paige can move objects from one place to another using her mind and with the help of an utterance of a command.


During the third season, this Halliwell sister is unfortunately killed.

Prue’s death nearly destroyed the Charmed One’s bonding as the Power of Three, until a replacement arrived.


What is Prue’s main power?

Prue started with line-of-sight telekinesis, then gradually developed this power so that her hand gestures could also make things move, still without touching the objects.


Charmed’s famed opening theme song entitled “How Soon is Now?,” a Smiths cover by Love Spit Love, was actually used in this witchcraft-themed film prior to the TV series’ run. What is this film’s title?

Directed by Andrew Fleming, this film was a box office hit during the '90s.


The Halliwell sisters’ mother is actually dead already, but she visits her daughters from time to time in this form.

Even in spirit form, Patty’s presence is still regarded by her daughters as poignant and important.


Since Charmed is mostly based on Wiccan theology, it also incorporates this kind of “mystical” element as seen throughout the show.

The Power of Three display their various powers with the aid of magical incantations, spells, and elements they read from their Book of Shadows.


Each week, the Halliwell sisters sharpened their witch powers by battling these types of evil villains.

Most of these evil characters seem to emanate from The Underworld, where their main enemy is supposed to come from.


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