Are You Brave Enough to Be in the Army?

Zoe Samuel

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Being a patriot is not the same as being a soldier. Some patriots have done more for the United States than the whole of the U.S. military. All soldiers are patriots, but not all patriots are soldiers. To be a soldier, and especially to be a soldier in the U.S. Army, one needs a symphony of qualities just to be eligible for enlistment. There is a physical, of course, and there are tests of mental health, but the quality that must be present to make it through the trials of basic training, and to succeed in some of the more difficult jobs in the army is bravery.

Basic training isn't just about potential soldiers learning things. It is about the army learning about its recruits. Basic training is meant to show the stress fractures in personalities, so they can be addressed before men and women are put in harm's way, and the stakes go up. If you are going to break down in tears it is better to you do that in upstate New York than in the mountains of Afghanistan with a dozen fellow soldiers counting on you keeping it together.

The army will build up its recruits, but before that, they have to test your innate bravery. Do you have what it takes?

How do you feel about spiders?

Would you sell out a friend if you were threatened with a broken finger?

What happens to you at the sight of blood?

What do you do when someone you're working with comes into work while under the weather?

How do you clear your gutters?

When did you learn to swim?

How many bones did you break before you were 15?

What do you use for transportation?

What did you do in the summer, when you were growing up?

What scared you the most, in middle school?

Which of these movie villains gave you nightmares?

Would you sell out a family member if you were threatened with being badly burned?

Do needles freak you out?

Would you sell out your morals for a huge pile of money?

How do you get around dogs?

Do you travel well?

Have you ever acted in a play?

Do you feel okay about learning new languages?

Would you touch a substance if you don't know what it is?

What do you do when you jam your finger, like when you're playing basketball?

Would you sell out your country, so as not to be painfully murdered?

How do you function when your feet are badly blistered?

Have you ever given a speech to a crowd?

Have you ever performed in a recital?

Have you ever applied for a long shot opportunity you'd really enjoy, like a dream college?

Have you ever moved to a new town of your own volition?

How did you arrive at your current career plan?

What was the length of your longest relationship?

Why do most of your relationships end?

Do you actually want to join the army or are you just curious?

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