Are You as Bold as You Could Be?

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We all are bold in different ways, and we all have our unique challenges, how we all meet them is the key. When it comes to your life, are you as bold as you could be?

Would you ever quit your job without a backup plan?

When did you move out of your parents' house for good?

Would you run into a burning building to save a loved one?

Would you go cliff diving for fun?

Do your friends think of you as being brave?

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Are you aggressive to get what you want?

What would you do if someone tried to mug you?

Have you ever gone on a long trip alone?

You want to be an actor, would you move to L.A. without knowing anyone and a thousand bucks in your pocket?

You are in a bad section of town and need to kill some time. You are next to a dive bar, do you go in?

Do you like trying new things?

Would you like to skydive?

How would your friends describe you?

Do you ever disagree with your boss in meetings?

Would you do a job you hated for a million dollars a year?

Which animal do you identify with the most?

Do people think you live your life in an unconventional way?

Would you break a law if you thought it was stupid?

Do you stick up for people that are being picked on?

You are in a solid relationship, but it isn't perfect, what do you do?

Have you ever gone on a long hike through the woods alone?

How much do you care about what your peers think of you?

Chuck Norris is mad at you, what do you do?

If you were broke, would you panhandle?

If you were bored at your job, would you tell your boss?

Your best friend has been mean lately, what do you do?

Someone cuts you off in traffic and starts yelling at you, what do you do?

Are you impulsive?

You think someone is hot at a bar, what do you do?

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