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Who does Nathan Drake believe he is a descendant of?

Nate believes that he is a descendant of Sir Francis Drake although Sully mentions that Drake never had any kids.


What is Sir Francis Drake's motto?

Sir Francis Drake's motto is "Sic Parvis Magna." This is Latin for "Greatness from small beginnings." This phrase was engraved on Drake's ring.


What do Nate and Elena find in Sir Francis Drake's coffin?

Nate and Elena find Sir Francis Drake's diary. The finding of the diary proved that he had faked his death. The diary ultimately wound up saving the life of Sully when he was shot by Gabriel Roman.


What city does Nate search for in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

Nate searches for the city of Shambhala. Shambhala is said to be where the Cintamani Stone is. Lazarević was also searching for the city and the Cintamani Stone.


What do Nate, Sully and Elena set out to find in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune?

Nate, Sully and Elena set out to find El Dorado. El Dorado turned out to be a sarcophagus which contains an airborne virus that infected Gabriel Roman and the Descendants.


At the beginning of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, what pirate are Nate, Sam and Rafe following the path of?

Nate, Sam, and Rafe are following the path of Henry Avery. Henry Avery had a clan of pirates that helped him to create Libertalia and keep his treasure safe.


Where is Nate at the start of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

At the start of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Nate is in a train that is hanging over a cliff in the Himalayas. He is injured and he has to pull himself back up onto the cliff after falling through the back of the train.


What game do Nate and Elena play in Uncharted 4?

Nate and Elena play Crash Bandicoot. Naughty Dog is the developer for both Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot.


What is Libertalia?

Libertalia is a pirate colony created by Henry Avery. He brought in talented architects to have the colony constructed. He created it to disappear from the rest of the world with his treasure after becoming a wanted man.


Who rescued Nate after the train crash?

Tenzin rescues Nate after the train crash. He nurses him back to health in his house. After Nate is better, they venture into the caves together.


What mystery is Nate trying to solve in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

Nate is trying to figure out the mystery of Marco Polo's lost fleet. He started with 14 ships and came back with one. He never disclosed what had happened to the fleet.


What clue does Nate start with to solve the Marco Polo mystery?

Nate steals an oil lamp from a museum to start the search on Marco Polo's lost fleet of ships. The oil lamp had a map which gave Nate information on what Marco Polo was doing with his fleet.


What did Nate and Sam's mother do for a living?

Nate and Sam's mother was a historian. When they broke into Evelyn's house, she told them about their mother and how she was a colleague of hers. This inspired Nate and Sam into finishing what she had started.


What is the Cintamani Stone said to do?

The Cintamani Stone is said to give the power of invincibility. It is located in the city of Shambhala. It actually turns out to be the resin from the Tree of Life that grants this power.


Which character's first appearance was in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

Chloe Frazer's first appearance was in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It is revealed that she had a previous relationship with Nate. She is a treasure hunter.


What are Elena and Jeff trying to prove in Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves?

Elena and Jeff are trying to prove that Lazarević is in fact still alive for Elena's show. Jeff suffers a wound and later passes away after Lazarević shoots him.


How did Gabriel Roman become mutated?

Gabriel Roman became mutated by breathing in dust from the mummy of El Dorado. When he opened the sarcophagus he came into contact with dust. He became mutated and was shot by Navarro.


What was being sold at the auction in Italy?

A crucifix was being sold at the auction in Italy. Nate, Sam and Sully had to steal it to obtain the map inside of it to find the treasure.


What guards the city of Shambhala?

The Shambhala Guardians guard the city of Shambhala. They were ancient Tibetans that ingested the resin from the Tree of Life.


What is Nate and Elena's fate after Uncharted 4?

Nate and Elena have a child and live in a tropical location. Their child's name is Cassie, and she is shown at the end of Uncharted 4.


Where was Karl Schäfer's memorial?

Karl Schafer's memorial was in Tenzin's Village. When Karl passed away he told Nate that he had to destroy the Cintamani Stone.


What do Nate and Sully search for in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception?

Nate and Sully go out in search of Atlantis of the Sands. It is a city that was mentioned in the Quran. Sir Francis Drake abandoned his mission to find the city when he found out what his true mission was.


How did Nate and Sully meet?

Nate and Sully met when Nate was attempting to rob Sir Francis Drake's ring from the museum. Sully rescued Nate from being caught and became his mentor.


What happens to Cutter after escaping from Marlowe and Talbot?

Cutter jumped off of the tower and broke his leg. After this incident, Chloe and Cutter both made their exit from the game as she brought him home.


Who died on the ship that Nate threw a grenade at in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception?

Rameses died on the ship that Nate threw a grenade at. Rameses tried to take Nate down with him by shooting a hole through the glass of his ship, but Nate was able to escape. Rameses was not.


Who shows Nate and Sully around Yemen?

Elena shows Nate and Sully around Yemen. She met them when they left the plane to give them press passes and guided them through the streets of Yemen.


Why did Sir Francis Drake abandon his mission of retrieving the brass vessel?

Sir Francis Drake found out that the brass vessel had Djinn spirits inside that caused the citizens of Ubar to go mad. He abandoned his mission of retrieving it so that nobody else could harness the power.


What gets sucked into quicksand with Marlowe?

Drake's ring gets sucked into the quicksand with Marlowe. The ring has the date January 29th, 1596 engraved on it because of his death a few days before.


Who helps to bring Nate and Sully to safety when Iram of the Pillars collapses?

Salim brings Nate and Sully to safety when the city collapses. After escaping the collapsing city, Sully gave Nate his wedding ring and they returned home.


What does Nate tell Elena when he goes to help Sam find the treasure?

Nate tells Elena that he is taking a salvage job in Malaysia. She eventually finds out that this isn't true and pays Nate a visit to let him know how she feels.


What did Thomas Tew and Henry Avery do to keep the treasure for themselves?

Henry Avery and Thomas Tew poisoned the other pirates to keep the treasure for themselves. Nate found the other pirates bodies around the dining table in Thomas Tew's home.


Who killed Rafe?

Nate killed Rafe. They engaged in a fight on the boat containing the pirate's treasure and Nate cut down a rope which unleashed some of the treasure on Rafe, killing him.


What is Nate and Sam's real last name?

Nate and Sam's real last name is Morgan. This is revealed in Uncharted 4 where their mother's name is revealed to be Cassandra Morgan.


What does Nate's boss sell to him?

Nate's boss sells his business and Nate becomes the new owner. Nate was previously a diver for the company before his excursion with Sam.


What is the name of the game that was featured on the European Uncharted website?

Uncharted: Drake's Trail was featured on the European Uncharted website in 2007. The game had Elena hire the player to follow Nate because it was believed that he was onto something huge.


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