Are You an Internet Troll?

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Do you go online looking for trouble or do you avoid it? Do you think you're smarter than most people you encounter online? When you use the Internet, are you more likely to hurt someone's feelings or have your feelings hurt by someone else? Bottom line - are you a troll? Let's find out!

What phrase are you most likely to type in a random Internet conversation?

Do you like to confuse people?

You just wrote something that made someone feel bad. What do you do?

Do you ever get blocked on social media?

Do you have a Facebook profile under a fake name?

Do you ever do pranks IRL?

Do you have lots of email addresses "just in case"?

If someone insults you on the Internet, what do you do?

Do you sometimes adopt a different persona when you're online?

What do you think of the show, Catfish?

An Internet troll is...

You are a Clinton fan on a Trump page. How do you interact with people?

When do you say "derp"?

You are a Yankees fan on a Red Sox board. What do you do?

Have you ever used a web proxy?

Do you often try to friend people you don't know on Facebook?

How hard is it to not say something online to someone you disagree with?

Do you feel good when you insult someone and put them in their place?

When you mess with people online, what is your main goal?

What was the pinnacle of your trolling career?

Has anyone ever called you sadistic?

What do you think of people who believe trolls are sad and have no lives?

Would you ever try to smear someone through an Internet campaign?

How much time do you spend gaming, vs. how much time do you spend messing with people?

What do you think about people who call you a noob?

Do you ever openly insult people online?

How often do you type in all caps?

Do you ever flirt with people online and try to convince them that you really like them?

What should people do who don't want to be affected by you?

Do you think trolls are mean?

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