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An ex-prize fighter, Terry Malloy, takes on Johnny Friendly and a corrupt union along the waterfront when he is called to testify as a witness for the Crime Commission.

How does Terry Malloy lure Joey Doyle for "the hit?"

Terry holds a pigeon to show Joey, who is at the open window. Joey takes care of pigeons on the roof.


How is Joey Doyle killed?

Terry Malloy makes Joey believe he'll meet him on the roof to give him his bird. Terry never goes up to the roof.


What is the name of the bar where Johnny has his meetings?

Johnny Friendly and his men meet here to discuss their power plays. It's here that Terry Malloy gets directives from Friendly.


The characters often reference "D & D." What is it?

"Deaf and dumb" is how the workers need to react to save themselves from Johnny Friendly's wrath.


Eva Marie Saint debuted her movie career in this film as Edie. Who was Edie?

Edie wants to find out who killed her brother, Joey. She refuses to leave town until she's able to find the murderer.


In an early scene, Johnny Friendly tells one of his lackeys, "You don't work for me no more!" Why not?

Johnny Friendly uses intimidation tactics to keep his men honest. Johnny doesn't like to be cheated.


In return for setting up Doyle, what does Johnny do for Terry?

On the loft means you are on deck help to move ship's cargo. Being below deck was not a pleasant experience for the workers.


Terry keeps company with some boys on the roof who care for the pigeons. What do their jackets say?

The boys all belong too


What is the cargo shipment about which the workers complain?

Some of the workers like to "skim" some of the product. They look forward to the Irish whiskey shipment.


What item of Joey's does his "Pops" bring to work to give to another worker?

The jacket seems cursed because the man who takes it is killed on the job. Edie later gives it to Terry.


Where do some of the disgruntled workers meet in secret?

Father Barry suggests they meet at the church and feels they will be safe. However, Johnny Friendly sends a spy (Terry Malloy) to the meeting.


What term is used for turning someone in to the authorities?

It's like snitching. Johnny kills people off who turn informant to the Crime Commission.


What is NOT a point Father Barry says needs to be addressed regarding work at the waterfront?

Father Barry takes a strong stance in encouraging the workers to rise up against the corruption. He gives several speeches to rally the men.


What career does Edie want to pursue?

Edie talks with Terry about her hopes for the future. She says, "It isn't your brains, it's how you use them."


When Terry says to Edie, "You don't remember me, do you?" ... what is her reply?

There is an attraction between the two immediately. She feels like he needs her help and he thinks she is attractive.


When Edie asks Terry, "What side are you with?" ... how does he respond?

Edie is not sure if she can trust Terry or not. She suspects he may have had something to do with her brother's death.


What does Edie remember about Terry when they were growing up?

She says she would help someone who gets into trouble with patience and kindness.


What does Terry tell Edie about the pigeons?

He says, they are "married" and stay that way until one of them dies. He seems to admire that quality.


What is Terry's philosophy of life?

This is a crossover from his boxing career. Once you are knocked out, game over.


Which worker is Johnny Friendly worried might "squeal" on him to the Crime Commission?

Johnny is mad at Terry for not keeping a closer eye on the priest. The priest has encouraged workers to stand up against the union.


What event prompts Father Barry to give a strong sermon at the docks to the workers about standing up to Johnny Friendly?

Dugan's death was made to look like an accident when some cargo was dropped on him at the docks. Dugan was getting ready to go to the authorities about Friendly.


What comment does the priest say at the docks to the workers?

The priest lays into the workers with some good old-fashioned religious guilt. He starts to get through to Terry.


After a one-on-one conversation, Terry decides to talk to the Crime Commission. Who persuades him?

Father Barry convinces Malloy to "talk" and asks, "How much is your soul worth?" Malloy then tells Edie about his dealings, but the scene never discloses exactly what he says because a ship's whistle blows during the dialogue.


A Crime Commission rep talks with Terry on the rooftop. Aside from the corruption issue, what do they discuss?

The man recognizes Terry from his boxing days and recalls a big fight that Terry lost that he shouldn't have. Terry admits he threw the fight.


Terry is given a chance to get out of testifying against Johnny. Who has the talk with him?

Charlie is told to kill Terry if he doesn't back off from the testimony. Charlie tells him to get out of the cab before they reach the destination for the murder.


How much will the union pay Terry for not testifying?

Charlie tells him he'll be paid $400/week for basically doing nothing. He says, "Please take the job...Don't say anything."


In the cab, Terry tells his brother, "You should've taken care of me." What comment follows?

Terry blames Charlie for his falling under corrupt influences. The famous line is a sad, woeful realization he blew his chance.


What ultimately happens to Charlie?

Charlie tries to help his brother, Terry, escape from the reaches of Johnny Friendly. When Terry discovers this, he wants revenge.


What is Terry's immediate response to his brother's death?

Terry takes a gun and wants to go after Johnny and his cronies. He goes to the bar, but Johnny isn't there.


When Father Barry comes into the bar and tells Terry to give him the gun, what does Terry respond?

The priest tells Terry to fight Johnny in the courtroom. Terry throws his gun at a picture of Johnny on the wall.


In the courtroom, before Terry's testimony, what fact is revealed about the previous night?

Johnny attempts to cover up evidence that will incriminate him.


What does Johnny say to Terry when he sees him at the courthouse?

Johnny is clearly angry with Terry and several guards have to hold him back from hitting him.


What is Johnny Friendly's real name?

The union boss has ties to the mob; a stage name might be a good idea. His real name comes out in court records.


What reaction does Terry Malloy get after his testimony?

The workers won't speak to him. Even though they don't agree with union practices, they don't want to jeopardize their livelihoods by fraternizing with a "squealer."


What makes the workers finally support Terry Malloy?

Terry Malloy is left for dead on the docks by Johnny and his men. Malloy courageously defies a bet Johnny barked out about him not getting up again.


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