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The Dark Knight was one of the best films of the 2000s. The film took the Batman franchise to an entirely different level. Take this quiz and see how much you remember about the film!

Who played Batman in the movie?

Christian Bale was the star of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. After the third movie, he chose to leave the character behind, and Ben Affleck took on the role in the next Batman movie.


Who is the mastermind behind the bank robbery at the beginning of the movie?

The Joker organizes a crew to rob a bank used by the mob. At the end of the robbery, the Joker is the only one of the criminals left alive. He's one sneaky clown.


Who is the District Attorney?

Harvey Dent is the District Attorney in Gotham City who tries to take down the mob. To accomplish this, he agrees to team up with Batman.


What is Lau's job?

Lau works as an investor for Wayne Enterprises, but he also controls the mob's finances. He is tasked with protecting the mob's money when Gotham City police start cracking down on racketeering.


Who offers to kill Batman for the mob?

The various mob bosses realize that Batman and the police are dead set on taking them down. The Joker offers to help by killing the main problem - Batman.


How does the Joker escape the meeting with the mob bosses?

The Joker knows the mob bosses aren't pleased with him after he stole their money, so he straps a bomb to himself when he crashes their meeting. Now, that's one crazy clown.


Who tells Lau that Bruce Wayne no longer requires his services?

Bruce Wayne sends Lucius Fox to Hong Kong to inform Lau that Wayne Enterprises is firing him. However, Fox's real mission is to help Batman capture Lau.


What does Lucius Fox leave behind at Lau's investment company?

When Lucius Fox enters Lau's investment company, he leaves his cellphone at the front desk and pretends it's not his when he leaves. The cellphone has sonar technology that Batman uses to infiltrate the building later.


How does the Joker leave the bank after he robs it?

One of the robbers working for the Joker backs a school bus through the wall of the bank, and they load the money into the bus before the Joker kills the other robber and escapes with the money by himself. He definitely made an interesting getaway.


Which mob boss fails to assassinate Harvey Dent in the courtroom?

One of Sal Maroni's men pulls a gun on Harvey Dent in the courtroom, but the gun fails to go off. Dent then takes the gun and tells the man he should have bought American.


Who is Gotham's White Knight?

Harvey Dent becomes the face of justice in Gotham City. Therefore, he becomes a hero to people who don't trust in the Batman.


What does the Joker use for his magic trick during the meeting with the crime bosses?

When a mob crony tries to grab the Joker, he offers to show everyone a magic trick. The trick involves him slamming the crony's head into a pencil that he stuck in the table, making it disappear into his eye socket.


Who offers money for someone to capture the Joker, dead or alive?

Gambol is insulted by the Joker, so he offers money to anyone who can capture him. However, this allows the Joker to set Gambol up and take over his gang.


Who is not on the Joker's hit list when he tells Batman to turn himself in?

The crime bosses finally realize that they need the Joker's help dealing with Batman, so they offer him half of their money. The Joker then starts killing people until Batman turns himself in.


How does the Joker kill Commissioner Gillian Loeb?

The Joker gets a sample of Commissioner Gillian Loeb's DNA. Before Jim Gordon can figure out how, the Commissioner drinks from a glass that has poison on it.


Who asks Rachel Dawes to marry him?

Realizing that Bruce Wayne will always need Batman, Rachel Dawes decides to move on and starts a relationship with Harvey Dent. Their relationship moves to the point that he asks her to marry him.


Who crashes Bruce Wayne's fundraiser?

Bruce Wayne throws a fundraiser for Harvey Dent to help him in his effort of ridding Gotham of organized crime. The problem is that the Joker is looking for Dent and now knows where to find him.


Who does the Joker throw out a window?

Batman gets in a fight with the Joker and his henchmen. During the chaos, the Joker captures Rachel Dawes and throws her out a window. Batman jumps out after her, and the Joker escapes.


What does the Joker disguise himself as so he can shoot the mayor?

Gotham City holds a memorial for the Commissioner after his death. At the event, the Joker disguises himself as a police guardsman. This allows him to get close to the mayor, who he tries to shoot.


Who jumps in front of the bullet aimed at the mayor?

As the Joker targets Gotham's highest officials, Jim Gordon knows it's only a matter of time until the Joker comes after a mayor. This finally happens during a memorial service for the late Commissioner.


Who is the man that Harvey Dent kidnaps?

Harvey Dent kidnaps a man who he thinks is working for the Joker, but he turns out to be a patient who escaped from Arkham. However, Rachel Dawes' name is written on the man's name tag, which shows she is the next target.


Who pretends to be Batman?

When the Joker demands that Batman turn himself in, Harvey Dent pretends to be Batman so that Bruce Wayne, the real Batman, can catch the Joker. Rachel Dawes is not happy about this.


Does Rachel choose to be with Bruce Wayne or Harvey Dent?

Rachel leaves a note with Alfred explaining why she is choosing Harvey Dent. She wants Alfred to give the note to Bruce when the time is right.


Who comes out of the front of Harvey Dent's transportation van to arrest the Joker?

After Jim Gordon was shot saving the mayor, everyone thought that he died. However, it turned out to be a plan to catch the Joker.


What does Batman use for transportation when the Batmobile is immobilized?

The Batmobile is destroyed while Batman is chasing after the Joker. However, Batman escapes before the Batmobile explodes in a Batpod, which allows him to continue his pursuit.


Who does the Joker have kidnapped?

After the Joker is captured, Harvey Dent is released from custody since obviously he isn't Batman. However, Dent never makes it home, as the Joker arranges for him to be kidnapped.


Who interrogates the Joker?

Jim Gordon knows he needs information from the Joker, so he allows Batman to interrogate him. During the interrogation, the Joker reveals that he kidnapped Rachel Dawes as well.


Who does Batman save from a bomb?

After Batman receives the location of the two kidnapped victims, he goes after Rachel Dawes and leaves Harvey Dent for the police to save. However, the Joker switched the locations and Batman ends up saving Dent instead.


What happens to Harvey Dent's face?

Before Batman saves Harvey Dent, he falls over and half of his face is covered in gasoline. When the bomb goes off, the explosion causes his face to catch on fire. Half of his face is left scarred from burns.


What did the cops used to call Harvey Dent?

Harvey Dent was once called Harvey Two-Face because he used to bust crooked cops. After the death of Rachel, he takes on the identity of the criminal Two-Face from the comic books.


What building does the Joker blow up?

The Joker decides that he doesn't want Batman's identity revealed, so he threatens to blow up a hospital if Coleman Reese, who knows Batman's identity, is not killed. Turns out, he's a man of his word.


How does Two-Face decide the fate of his victims?

Two-Face decides to seek revenge on those he blames for Rachel's death. To decide their fate, he flips a coin.


What does the Joker do with his half of the mob's money?

The Joker clearly doesn't care about money since he burns millions of dollars. However, he does care about sending messages, and that's exactly what he does when he kills the Chechen.


What is the Joker's ace in the hole?

The Joker destroyed Gotham's White Knight by corrupting Harvey Dent. When Batman spoils his plans to blow up two ferries, he reveals this fact to the caped crusader.


How does Two-Face die?

Two-Face uses his coin to decide the fate of Batman, himself, and Jim Gordon's son. Before he can decide the boy's fate, Batman knocks him off the side of the building, sending him to his death.


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