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Not as dark as "The Godfather," but not as irreverent as "Married to the Mob," the 1989 crime film, "Goodfellas," is based on the life of mobster Henry Hill. How much do you remember about the movie?

As Henry, Jimmy and Tommy are driving along a rural road, the car begins to make a noise. What is it?

Puzzled by a thumping sound, the guys think it's a flat tire and get out to investigate. Nope. It turns out the dead guy in the trunk isn't quite dead yet.


Why has Henry always wanted to be a gangster?

Henry says that he's wanted to be a gangster all his life. It's a good way to be "somebody" and you can do whatever you want without answering to anyone.


What is Henry's first job?

When he's around 13, Henry starts working at a cab stand controlled by Paulie Cicero. People do much more than hail a cab here. It's the nerve center of Paulie's organized crime operation.


Why does Henry's father beat him with a belt?

Henry's father becomes incensed and beats him savagely with a belt after receiving a letter from school saying Henry hasn't been attending classes for several months. Paulie comes to the rescue -- sort of -- by threatening the mail carrier's life if he ever delivers another letter from Henry's school.


What is the bulk of Jimmy Conway's business?

Jimmy loves to steal and he does it in a big way. He hijacks 18-wheelers filled with liquor, cigarettes, seafood -- anything he can sell to others, usually in pop-up "shops" in the street.


Why does Jimmy give Henry money after his first arrest?

Jimmy greets Henry as he leaves the courtroom and puts money in his pocket, saying it's a graduation gift. Rather than being angry, Jimmy is proud, telling Henry that he did well by keeping his mouth shut and not ratting out his friends.


What does Tommy do when the bar owner asks him to pay his substantial tab?

The bar owner approaches Tommy, telling him he owes $7,000, even though Tommy continues to buy drinks for other people. Tommy reacts by smashing a glass on the man's head.


How does Henry meet Karen?

Tommy talks Henry into going out with him because the woman he wants to sleep with doesn't like Italian men and won't go unless she can bring her friend. Henry finally agrees. Karen is the woman's friend.


Why does Karen look for Henry when he's out with his friends?

The second time Henry and Karen are slated to go out with Tommy and his girl, Henry doesn't show up. A furious Karen insists on driving around until she finds him and she confronts him in front of his friends. He's impressed.


At what nightclub do Henry and his friends hang out?

After they begin making money, the guys also get used to spending it. They become regulars at the Copacabana and that's where Henry takes Karen on their first "alone" date, impressing her with the first-class treatment he receives.


What is the Air France job?

Henry and his colleagues net nearly $500,000 in cash from the Air France cargo terminal at JFK airport. They manage to do it by stealing a key so no one is hurt. It is some time before anyone realizes the money is missing.


What does Henry tell Karen he does for a living?

Henry tells Karen that he's in the construction business, but she finds it hard to believe because his hands aren't worn and callused. He covers by telling her he's with the union.


Where do Henry and Karen live after they get married?

Henry and Karen move in with her parents, but all does not go smoothly. While Karen isn't bothered, her mother is incensed that Henry goes out with his friends regularly and sometimes stays out all night.


When the police come to search their home, what does Karen do?

After a while, Karen gets used to having the police arrive to search the house she shares with Henry. She always offers them coffee and notes that they usually just want a bribe to go away.


Why does Tommy get angry with Billy Batts?

While they are in a bar, Batts greets Tommy like a long lost friend but Tommy isn't very friendly. He becomes enraged when Batts teases him about his former job as a shoeshine boy. When Batts persists, Tommy and Jerry beat him to death.


What do Tommy, Jerry and Henry do with Batts' body?

After going to Tommy's mother's house for a shovel -- and stopping to eat a delicious meal -- the guys bury Batts in a secluded wooded area. The matter seems ended until six months later when the land is sold for condominiums and they have to dig it up again.


Why is killing Batts a problem for the guys?

In hindsight, killing Batts proves to be problematic. He was a member of the Gambino crime family and he was "made," meaning he was a fully-initiated member of the Mafia. One needs special permission to kill a made man and they most certainly did not have it.


What happens when Henry's girlfriend, Janice, starts goofing off at work?

When her affair with Henry distracts her and her work suffers, Henry handles matters in his usual manner. He beats up her boss and instructs him to let Janice behave in any way she wants.


During a poker game, what happens when a young man named Spider fails to bring Tommy's drink?

Tommy overreacts and begins waving his gun around and firing randomly when Spider apparently misunderstands his request for a drink . He hits Spider in the foot. A few days later, Spider talks back to him and Tommy blows him away.


What does Karen do when she finds out about Henry's girlfriend?

After causing a scene and taking the kids to the apartment Henry provides for them , Karen stands over a slowly-awakening Henry with a gun pointed at his face. She has the safety on, but he doesn't know that. He calms her down, then wrestles her to the floor and leaves.


How do Henry and Jimmy get arrested?

Henry and Jimmy go to Florida to collect money from a deadbeat and beat him badly in the process, even threatening to feed him to the lions at the zoo. Unfortunately for them, the victim's sister is a typist for the FBI and turns them in, resulting in prison time for the two of them and Paulie.


What kind of prison experience do Henry and Paulie have?

Paulie and Henry live like they aren't in prison at all. They share apartment-like quarters with a few other guys, thanks to bribes to prison officials. They are able to smuggle in anything they want and they prepare delicious meals on their own.


How do Henry and Karen make money while he is in prison?

Henry develops a lucrative business selling drugs to his fellow prisoners, thanks to contraband smuggled in by Karen when she visits him. The party almost ends when she threatens to stop bringing him things after she sees Janice's name on the roster of visitors.


How does Henry disobey Paulie's orders after he's released from prison?

Paulie understood Henry's prison drug business because he needed to support his family, but he gives strict orders that it's to stop after Henry is released. The money is too good, though, so Henry goes behind Paulie's back, developing a lucrative business that makes him wealthy again very quickly.


Why does Jimmy get upset with his crew after the Lufthansa heist?

Jimmy gives strict instructions that his guys are to lay low for a while after the successful heist, so he's understandably upset when they start spending money like it's water. One buys an expensive car, and another buys a fur coat for his wife. Jimmy is worried the police will start to notice.


How does Morrie die?

Morrie angers Jimmy by harassing him constantly for his share of the Lufthansa score, but Jimmy puts him off each time. Since Morrie has outlived his usefulness, it's pretty clear he's going to get whacked and he does.


Why can't Jimmy and Henry be made?

Henry and Jimmy can't become "made men" -- fully initiated into the Mafia -- because they are not full-blooded Italian. Despite Sicilian roots, they have other ancestors as well, making them ineligible.


Why is Tommy killed?

Tommy is thrilled when he's told that he is going to become made. However, when he arrives for the ceremony, he's shot in the head instead. It seems the Gambino family is still not happy about him killing Billy Batts all those years ago.


Why does Henry become paranoid while driving around doing errands?

Henry is strung out on cocaine, but he's not hallucinating when he sees a helicopter that seems to be tracking his movements. No one stops him, but the chopper follows him each time he gets into his car.


Why does Lois insist on going home before leaving on a trip to deliver drugs?

Lois, who doubles as Henry's babysitter and drug mule, adds to his stress when she insists on going home to get her hat before leaving on a delivery trip. She says it's her lucky hat and she refuses to leave without it.


What does Karen do when the police come to the door after Henry's arrest?

Karen panics when the police arrive and she frantically flushes Henry's entire stash of cocaine down the toilet. Unfortunately, that was everything they had and it leaves them broke.


How does Henry get out of jail?

When Henry is arrested, he and Karen have no resources left, so Karen goes to her mother for help. Her mother agrees to put up her house as collateral and Henry is released on bail.


What makes Henry think he is about to be killed?

In all his years with the mob, Henry has never been asked to kill someone, so when Jimmy asks him to go to Florida and take someone out, he knows he's in trouble. Knowing how these things work, it is clear he will never return from that trip.


Why does Karen balk about going into witness protection with Henry?

Henry wants Karen and the kids to go with him, but she is unsure. She can't imagine losing contact with her parents, especially if they get sick or have other problems, but the agent insists it's the only way the program can keep them safe.


What does Henry say is the hardest thing about being in witness protection?

Even after all he's been through, Jimmy still longs for the things he loved about being a mobster -- the money, the prestige, the power. He laments that now he's average, just like everyone else, and that's his big regret.


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