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What network airs America's Funniest Home Videos?

America's Funniest Home Videos is an ABC creation. ABC has been airing shows since 1948! ABC actually pays a royalty to Tokyo Broadcasting System so they can use their their format for the show.


Who was the first host for the show?

Actor/comedian Bob Saget was the first to host this slapstick show. This show was originally intended as a one-off special but became a major hit.


When did the first four seasons air?

The first four seasons aired at 8:00pm on Sunday evenings. The success of this show spurred the creation of a sister show called America's Funniest People.


When did themes take place in the show?

Starting in the middle of the first season, AFHV began featuring the "Assignment America" segment, which called for a series of videos to be sent in pertaining to a specific theme. Another segment introduced when Saget was still hosting was called "Backwards Classics," which shows videos played in reverse


When was AFHV's sister show America's Funniest People canceled?

In 1994, ABC canceled America's Funniest People after four seasons due to declining ratings. They then had to figure out what to do with that 7:30pm slot. They ended up opting to expland AFHV to one hour long back to back episodes.


What year did Bob Saget leave the show?

Saget grew tired of hosting the show only a few years in, but his contract kept him locked down until 1997. Towards the end of his contract, he would make pointed remarks while the show was airing, and become listless in his follow through of the motions. He has been back to appear on the show a few times since.


What year did AFHV stop airing weekly?

In May 1999, ABC announced that it would discontinue America's Funniest Home Videos as a regular weekly series. The show returned occasionally and was hosted by a series of special sitcom actors/actresses.


When did ABC announce AFHV would return to weekly shows?

In October 2000, ABC announced its decision to return America's Funniest Home Videos to a regular weekly series. The decided on 13 new episodes to begin airing on July 20, 2001 in it's third format.


What is the address where you can send in clips?

Yes, you can in fact still send a tape or DVD to Box 4333, Hollywood, California, 90078. Thanks to technology you can also now submit a clip via the show's website, which I am sure helps the archivists and producers a great deal.


Which host kept it together best on the show?

Tom Bergeron was surprisingly able to keep a straight face during almost all of the funny videos. There was one episode that had a montage featuring cats having black bars placed over their private areas. This caused Bergeron to completely lose it.


What was the shows first theme song?

The first theme for this show was "The Funny Things You Do." This song was composed by Dan Slider and performed by Jill Colucci, who wrote the lyrics with Stewart Harris.


How long did the original theme song for the show last?

This version of the theme song accompanied AFHV opening and closing credits for the first eight-and-a-half seasons. That is an impressively long time for the song to stick around!


What did the Parker Brothers release for the show?

The Parker Brothers released a board game for the show in 1990. The Parker Brothers are an American toy and game manufacturer brand that has been around since 1983. Since they're beginning they've published more than 1,800 games!


What network did a spin-off of AFV?

Fox created a look-a-like show called America's Funniest that aired from 1997-2000. The show was very similar in format to ABC's AFV. One major difference is that there was no reward or contest feature for this show. Maybe why it lasted only four years?


What place was AFHV for the season 2009-2010 for ratings?

For the 2009-2010 season AFHV's ratings put them in 55th place. This season they had an approximate average of 7.52 million viewers.


How did people vote for the contest?

The viewers would log onto the show's website to cast their votes with the Los Angeles studio audience.


What else is Alfonso Ribeiro most known for?

Alfonso took over hosting the show beginning with the season 26 premiere in October of 2015. Alfonso also played a guest contestant on a season 25 episode of AFV playing one of the show's games with Tom Bergeron called "Who's Makin' That Racket?".


What has Entertainment Weekly said about AFHV?

In 2006, Entertainment Weekly described the show in a very blunt way, “It cannot be canceled.” Entertainment Weekly reported that in its previous season, there were about 9 million viewers tuned into the show each week.


How big is AFHV's fan base on Facebook?

AFHV's fan base grew from 100,000 to over 9 million in just four short years. It is attributed to Facebook changing the "interested" feature to a "likes" feature in 2010 for community pages. It allowed all the people that had previously listed AFHV as one of their favorite shows to become likers of the page automatically.


How many years has AFHV celebrated?

Last year, AFV celebrated 25 years on the air. Di Bona told The Wrap that when YouTube became so popular, he was worried. The two platforms actually fought tooth and nail for the first three or four years after YouTube came out.


What were YouTube and AFV fighting about?

Di Bona has been interviewed about this and stated that he was very angry when he noticed YouTube was making money off ripping off AFV clips regularly. For many years he wanted to bring a lawsuit against YouTube.


Who is an executive producer for the show?

Michele Nasraway has been an executive producer for AFV for an astounding 26 years! She has been with the show since 1990. She said there were definite moments of fear with the network when technology began to advance so quickly, but she hoped that the die hard fans would want to keep the show alive.


What was the design of the set while Bob Saget was hosting?

The main set while Bob Saget was hosting was made to look like a living room. Originally it was a three-wall design but was remodeled in 1992-93 so that more flat outlines and translucent walls were more of a feature.


What was one of the Tom inspired video clips?

"Tom's Home Movies" was a segment where they would superimpose Tom's face over the face of the person in each video, all of them with various facial expressions so Tom would match the movements of the person shown and the reactions to their mishaps.


What were people doing in the segment called "The Nincompoop Corner"

"Nincompoop Corner" was a compilation of people getting into situations that humorously showcased a lack of good judgement on their part.


Who applied for Tom Bergeron's job after he announced his retirement?

Joel Stein currently writes a weekly column for TIME magazine. When he walked in to interview and asked Tom Bergeron for advice he said, "Relax, have fun, and remember your role is to service the videos."


Who created the show?

Vin Di Bona has the longest-running primetime entertainment program on ABC since 1948. Due to its low budget and high viewer appeal it has been an incredible success for as many years as it has!


What is the majority length of most of the clips?

The majority of the video clips are short (5-30 seconds) and are mostly related to the host's monologues. Most of the clips feature humans and animals getting into hilarious accidents in one way or another.


Each week how many videos are chosen?

Each week, three of the videos seen, which are among the ones included in the episode are chosen by the producers and then voted on by the studio audience.


What is the prize for the winner out of the three clips?

The winner wins $10,000 and is in the running for an even bigger prize at the end of a seven to ten show run. A bigger prize that is given to the winner out of all the original winning clips!


Out of those three clips, what do the 2nd and 3rd place winners get?

Very early in the show the second and third place winners were gifted a new TV set and VCR and a new Camcorder. Also originally the producer picked the winner with no audience voting. Not long after Tom became the host they switched it to second place making $3,000 and third place making $2,000.


What year did the show begin broadcasting in high definition?

On October 3, 2010, beginning with the season 21 premiere AFHV began broadcasting in high definition! This was a huge step for the show as many screens had spread and so standard definition was no longer fitting the viewers image like it should.


"The Funny Things You Do" was also the theme song to which other countries version of the show?

"The Funny Things You Do" was the theme song to the Australian version between 1991 and 2004. It was replaced by an instrumental version as part of a major revamp in 2005.


What was the first compilation release for the show?

ABC, Shout! Factory, and Slingshot Entertainment have released numerous compilations of AFHV on both VHS and DVD. The first one was on June 27, 1991 of The Best of America's Funniest Home Videos.


What other networks aired AFHV?

Mostly only airings of the show when Saget was hosting have been aired on the Hallmark channel. I know, I was surprised too.


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