Are You Addicted to Online Quizzes?

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We all know one thing for certain. Internet quizzes are the absolute best thing in the world. But still, we at preach moderation. Are you addicted to quizzes?

How many online quizzes do you do a week?

What is your favorite type of website?

If you see a quiz called "What kind of 90's rapper are you?" What do you think?

Do you ever start doing online quizzes and then stay online longer than you thought?

Have you ever been late for work or another engagement because you were taking online quizzes?

Do you ever play online quizzes at work?

Has your partner or spouse ever complained about how many quizzes you do?

What is more exciting, doing online quizzes or going out to coffee with your partner?

What is more exciting, doing online quizzes or getting intimate with your partner?

How many hours do you spend a day on the Internet, not including work?

Do you play World of Warcraft, or another game of its type?

Has there ever been another Internet activity you have tried to quit?

Ever blow off chores to do quizzes?

Do you get defensive when people ask you about what you do online?

What quiz sounds the most interesting to take?

Which of these freaks you out the most?

If you were doing a quiz and your Internet went down, what would you do?

How do you feel when you finish a quiz?

How many online quizzes have you done in a row?

Do you ever feel bad if the online quiz doesn't come out like you think it should?

Do you ever think that none of the online quiz answers apply to you?

Would you be good at writing online quizzes?

What did you do with yourself before you discovered

Do you think people can be addicted to their Smartphones?

Where do you shop?

Do you ever keep doing quizzes even when you are tired?

How much exercise do you get?

Do you ever get out of bed and take online quizzes in the middle of the night?

How much do you use social media?

What would you do if a friend shared a quiz?

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