Are you a socialist or a capitalist?

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Are you all about the Benjamins or is Karl your favorite Marx brother? To find out how you really feel beneath your voting habits, take this quiz!

How do you feel about Walmart?

Your favorite movie genre?

What do you think of sports?

Rich people should...?

Your favorite Latin American country?

How do you feel about voting?

What do you think of Wall Street?

Which of these do you prefer?

What should be done to tax cheats?

Your college experience?

Which of these subjects interests you the most?

How many kids would you like to have?

How do you feel about clothes?

Your dream car?

How do you like to dance?

How do you feel about makeup?

How do you feel about sweat shops?

Which animal best embodies you?

Which of these genres do you prefer?

Your favorite US president?

Which song do you prefer?

Which would you choose?

Which of these things does the world have to much of?

Your ideal birthday present?

Which would you rather be?

Would you marry for money?

What do you think of television?

Which of these professions do you look up to most?

Your first job?

Which sounds nicer?

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