Are You a Sinner or a Saint?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Some say we're all sinners, and some say saints don't exist. If you accept that we're all a mix of both, then either the terms mean nothing, or it means no sinner is without virtue, and no saint is without fault.

How often do you drink?

Do you drink to celebrate?

Do you drink to commiserate?

Do you drink to mark milestones?

Do you drink when nothing is going on?

Do you take drugs?

Do you take drugs when things are going well?

Do you take drugs when things are going pear-shaped?

Are your drug habits a bad influence on anyone else?

Do you have friends or family who drink or take drugs because of you?

Do you use tobacco?

Do you use tobacco even when other people ask you not to?

Have you ever cheated on a lover?

Have you ever had several lovers who are unaware of each other, at the same time?

Have you ever had sexual relations with someone much younger than you?

How often do you fly into a rage?

Do you get enraged at work?

Do you get enraged at home?

Have you ever road-raged?

Are you in your job out of greed?

If you saw a wallet full of cash on the street, what would you do with it?

If you got wind of insider information useful in a stock transaction, would you use it?

How often do you just sit back and let your significant other tidy up?

How often do you put your colleagues in a position where they have to finish work you were supposed to do?

Are you taking this quiz while you should be working?

Are you dictating your answers to this quiz, and not even taking it yourself?

Do you think there's someone else taking another quiz, who is having a better time than you?

Do you Facebook-stalk your exes and get upset if their lives seem okay?

How proud are you?

If someone disrespected you, how would you react?

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