Are You a Real "Witch?"

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Witches come in myriad shapes and forms. While you might picture them with pointy hats and black garb, that's just a stereotype—they very well may be the girl-next-door. In fact, you may even be one, too! Famous ones include Morgan le Fay, Sybil Leek, Sabrina Spellman and everyone's favorite Mean Girl, Regina George. To be clear, one can act like a witch on occasion without being a real witch, deep down. So, how do you pick out the real witches? 

It's complicated, but we can do it. By analyzing several aspects of one's life, we can determine the strength of the witchy instinct as well as the capacity to act on it. Concocting the occasional potion or spreading rumors behind people's back does not a witch make, necessarily. Real witches feel genuine passion for their craft, and never a drop of guilt—it's a real talent, if you will. 

So, how much of a witch are you? Do you only dabble in broomsticks and bewitching, or do you live the witch life through-and-through? Do you merely cast revenge on your enemies or truly twist the knife in? The results may surprise you. Now, keep calm, carry a wand and take the following quiz! 

Which one of these fictional witches do you most admire?

Do you ever become irritated just looking at someone?

Imagine you're in the award-winning TV series "The Good Place." Do you think you would end up in the Good Place, Bad Place, or Middle Place after death?

Imagine that your day-to-day inner monologue was broadcast to the world. Would you have any friends anymore?

Have you ever acted like you couldn't hear someone so you wouldn't have to respond to them?

Oh no, your friend just betrayed you. Do you seek revenge?

You're at a restaurant, and the service is super slow. After waiting almost an hour, the server brings the wrong meal. What do you do?

How often do you yell in an average week?

Have you ever called a baby ugly?

Which one of these words would your friends most likely call you?

Do you own a voodoo doll?

If you were a "Mean Girls" character, who would you be?

Do you use crystals for healing or purification purposes?

You have the option to choose between world peace or being the ruler of the entire world. Which do you pick?

What does the majority of your wardrobe look like?

How often do you ghost people?

Time for a tarot reading! Which card did you draw?

Pretend that you just heard something hilarious. Would you say that you cackle, or laugh?

Be honest. How often do you talk behind your friend's or family member's backs?

Do you burn incense?

Have you ever visited Salem, Massachusetts, the famous site of the Salem witch trials of the 17th century?

Have you ever dreamt something that came true?

Which one of these jobs do you think you would enjoy most?

Which one of these famous artists' wardrobes would you most like to steal?

Do you concoct magical potions?

Whether you brew potions or not, if you had to make one, which of these ingredients would you put in it?

Have you ever dressed up as a witch for Halloween?

Which best describes your personal moral stance?

Time for a picnic! Which one of these places sounds most ideal to break out the baguette?

Some people are masters of insults and comebacks. So, how sharp is your tongue?

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