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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a series about a teen girl who was born with special abilities to fight vampires. What do you remember about the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, television series? Find out by taking this quiz!

Who was the creator of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series?

Joseph Hill "Joss" Whedon (born June 23, 1964) had written the Buffy movie and was asked to work on the television series. Since he had been unhappy with the comic treatment of his movie script, he was happy to have a chance to do it the way he had wanted. He was also famous for his work on the short-lived series, Firefly.


What was the name of Buffy's mother?

Joyce Summers was the divorced mother of Buffy. Portrayed by actress Kristine Sutherland (born April 17, 1955), the character died of natural causes in the fifth season episode "The Body."


In which city did most of Buffy take place?

Sunnydale, CA, where the series was set, was a fictional town. Although some of the exteriors were shot in Santa Monica and Torrance, the rest of the show was filmed in Los Angeles.


On which television station did Buffy originally air?

The WB primarily targeted people between the ages of 13 and 34. Buffy aired on the WB until the sixth season when it switched to UPN.


Which of the following versions of the Buffy storyline came first?

The television series (1997) was the springboard for comic books (1998), novels (1998), video games (2002), and cartoons (2002). The movie, which came out in 1992, was first but it was not as successful as the series.


What nickname did they give the primary bad guys?

"I hate to break it to you, O Impotent One, but you're not the Big Bad anymore. You're not even the Kind of Naughty. You're nothing but a waste of space."


"In every generation, there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is ________."

"In every generation, there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer."


Which actor played Xander Harris?

Nicholas Brendon (born April 12, 1971) played Xander and also Kevin Lynch in Criminal Minds. Xander provided comic relief for the show.


On which Council did Rupert Giles serve?

The Council of Watchers was supposed to find and train Slayers. Its headquarters were located in London, England.


What was the name of the vampire-hunting group that formed around Buffy Summers?

Xander first called them the Scooby Gang in "What's My Line?" because Scooby-Doo was a cartoon where the characters solved supernatural mysteries. "If you wanna be a member of the Scooby Gang you gotta be willing to be inconvenienced every now and then."


Which characters were in the slayer gang through all seven seasons?

Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Rupert were the core members, but others joined (and left) from season to season, including Angel, Cordelia Chase, Anya Jenkins, and Dawn Summers. Rupert also left the show at the end of the sixth season and rejoined in season seven, but he still was a part of the gang for at least part of each of the seven seasons.


Who was the primary villain in Season 1?

Mark Metcalf portrayed the Master in season one. Although the character was officially defeated at the end of the season, he made reappearances in several later Buffy episodes such as "The Wish."


Which actor portrayed Buffy Summers in the series?

Sarah Michelle Gellar (born April 14, 1977) became Buffy in the television series after a successful run as Kendall Hart on All My Children. Ironically, after playing the atypical, strong, female protagonist in Buffy, she went on to play the predictable, female victim in I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2.


What was the name of the dimension portal under the High School?

The Hellmouth concept has been around in art and history for centuries as a gateway to Hell represented by a gaping mouth. In Buffy, it was a place of increased supernatural energy that was a weak spot between the dimensions of Hell and Earth.


Which character did David Boreanaz play?

David Boreanaz (born May 16, 1969) played the role of Angel/ Angelus. Aside from the Buffy and Angel television series, he was also well known for his role in the television series Bones.


What was Rupert Giles' nickname as a teen?

Anthony Stewart Head (born February 20, 1954) was Rupert "Ripper" Giles in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. The show was filmed in California, but he was a British native. He appeared in fewer episodes toward the end of the series because he realized how much time he was spending away from his family.


Angelus teams with which other two characters against Buffy in Season 2?

After losing his soul once again, Angel becomes Angelus and teams up with Spike and Drusilla to fight against Buffy. Angel opens the portal to Hell, but Willow performs a spell to return Angel's soul to him.


How was Dawn Summers related to Buffy?

Dawn Summers appeared as Buffy's sister in the fifth season. Everyone on the show acted as if she were always there, but it was later revealed that she was a key that had been transformed into Buffy's sister for protection. Dawn was listed as one of TV Guide's Most Loathed Characters and Entertainment Weekly's Most Annoying Characters.


Julie Benz played which character?

Julie Benz (born May 1, 1972) auditioned for the part of Buffy but received the minor role of Darla instead. When her performance struck a note with audiences, her character was named and went on to become the most killed character in the series (she died twice).


When Buffy died, who was activated as a Slayer to take her place?

Kendra appeared at the end of season 2 because Buffy's partial death at the end of season 1 activated her. Taken from her parents at an early age, she was a by-the-book person and did not always agree with Buffy's methods.


What special instrument did Willow use to activate numerous Slayers around the world all at once?

"I think it's some kind of scythe. The only thing I know for sure is that it mad Caleb back off in a hurry." "So it's true. Scythe matters."


Who played Spike in the series?

James Masters (born August 20, 1962) portrayed Spike in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and Angel, as well as being the voice actor for the character in videogames based on the series. He also has writing credits for some of the canonical comic books based on his character.


What did Kendra name her lucky stake?

“In case the curse does not succeed, this is my lucky stake. I have killed many vampires with it. I call it Mr. Pointy.”


What is the name of the nightclub where all the teens meet?

The Bronze was on the wrong side of town, but all the teens loved it. They held many dances, including prom, at the nightclub.


What nationality was Jenny Calendar revealed to be?

Jenny Calendar was really a gypsy named Jenna Kalderash. She watched Angel/ Angelus to ensure he continued to suffer for his past sins against her clan.


Who created Adam?

Lindsay Crouse (born May 12, 1948) played Dr. Maggie Walsh who created Adam for the Initiative. Crouse was the daughter of one of the authors of Sound of Music and married playwright David Mamet (1977-1990). Crouse made several television appearances during the 80s but has returned to Broadway.


Who did they summon to help them defeat Adam in Season 4?

The Spirit of the First Slayer was summoned to connect the heart (Xander), mind (Giles), spirit (Willow), and strength (Buffy) so they could fight as one. The season 4 finale is a surreal battle with the First Slayer.


For what is Glory looking?

"It is not Bob Barker, you scabby morons! The key is new to this world, and Bob Barker is as old as grit!"


Who are Warren Mears, Jonathan Levinson, and Andrew Wells?

The Trio decides they want to take over Sunnydale because they are tired of the way others treat them. Warren emerges as the true evil mastermind, but all three wreak havoc until Buffy manages to disband them.


How did Buffy save Dawn when Glory used her as the key?

The key itself is a mystical energy. It unlocks dimension doors, but it can only be used in certain places at specific times.


What was the name of the ubervampires?

“As Neanderthals are to human beings, the Turok-Han are to vampires. They're a primordial, ferociously powerful killing machine, as single-minded as animals. They are the vampires that vampires fear—an ancient and entirely different race.”


What was the name of the high priests of the First Evil in season 7?

The Harbingers of Death or Bringers killed everything around them and summoned the First Evil. They are known by their mutilated faces similar to the Rebels in X-files.


Which actor portrayed the character of the Mayor?

Mayor Richard Wilkins, the season 3 Big Bad, was portrayed by actor Harry Groener (born September 10, 1951). Although he had demonic "properties," he was not a full vampire and had to rely on a vampire to aid his plans. He was the first non-vampire Big Bad.


In which year did the last season of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, air?

The final episode, titled "Chosen," aired May 20, 2003. At the end of each episode, the Mutant Enemy mascot would say "Grr-argh." Slight changes to the mascot occurred on a few episodes, including "Chosen" where the mascot was looking out at the audience instead of forward.


What was the name of the Buffy spin-off featuring one of Buffy's romantic interests?

Angel was about a vampire, but in it, the gypsies gave him back his soul so that he would feel guilt for all the killing he had done. The series focused on him trying to help others and save their souls by fighting the forces of evil.


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