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What is the name of Rayna's eldest daughter?

Maddie is Rayna's eldest daughter.


Who does Juliette want to replace as the top country music star?

Juliette wants to replace Rayna as the top country music star.


What is the name of Scarlett, Gunnar, and Avery's band?

Their band name is "The Triple Exes", named because of the three of them being each other's exes.


Who is the father of Cadence?

Avery is Cadence's father. He is also the primary caregiver for Cadence.


When he was alive, who did Rayna have an ongoing feud with?

Rayna had an ongoing feud with Jeff Fordham. He consistently tried to make life better for himself, preying on anyone that he could to keep his job. At one point, he even had Maddie signed to Edgehill Republic behind Rayna's back!


What is the name of Juliette's manager?

Glenn Goodman is Juliette's manager. He has worked with her for many years, and he is very close to her.


What does Beverly do for Deacon when he finds out that he has cancer?

Beverly gave Deacon part of her liver to help him become a cancer survivor. Unfortunately, Beverly suffered an aneurysm and died shortly after.


What is the name of Scarlett's childhood best friend?

Zoey is Scarlett's childhood best friend.


What channel is Nashville moving to since it's cancellation on ABC?

After being cancelled on ABC, Nashville fans started trying to get the show renewed. They were successful, but not with ABC. The fans were able to get it renewed with CMT!


What is the name of the record label that Rayna owns?

The name of Rayna's record label is Highway 65.


Who does Maddie find out is her biological father?

Maddie finds out that Deacon is her biological father, which turns her world upside down along with Deacon's. Throughout her life, she always thought that Teddy was her biological father.


Who does Deacon name his bar after?

Deacon renames the bar to "The Beverly".


What is Deacon to Scarlett?

Deacon is Scarlett's uncle.


Which character struggled with becoming openly gay?

Will struggles with becoming openly gay, and goes through many bumps before and after he publicly came out. He married Layla Grant, and slept with women to prove to himself and the public that he was straight. Will eventually comes to terms with himself and later goes through the struggle of being an openly gay star in country music.


Who's son starts dating Maddie?

Luke's son, Colt, started dating Maddie. This lead to some scandals when Luke and Rayna were dating, and almost married.


Who finds themselves in jail after using the money from the city of Nashville to pay off an escort?

Teddy used money from the city of Nashville to pay off an escort. He was caught shortly after and went to jail.


What does Juliette suffer from after giving birth?

Juliette suffers from postpartum depression. She goes through a big change after the birth, and hurts her family relationship in the process.


What is the name of Rayna's youngest daughter?

Daphne is Rayna's youngest daughter. Teddy is her biological father.


After getting married, what did Will and Layla do?

Will and Layla starred in their own reality television show. This was a cover-up for Will's secret.


How did Jeff die?

Jeff died saving Juliette. He pulled her back from a ledge which lead to him falling over the side.


What does Maddie want to pursue that her parents are reluctant about?

Maddie wants to pursue her singing career. She looks up to Juliette and she wants to become a country music star like her.


What does everyone encourage Juliette to do after being diagnosed with postpartum depression?

Despite Juliette's denial, everyone noticed that Juliette needed help. They wanted to have Juliette go to rehab to recover from postpartum depression.


What is Deacon always referred to as?

Deacon is referred to as an alcoholic. He has always had trouble with drinking.


In which cafe do the characters often perform?

The Bluebird is the cafe the character's often hold performances.


Which character had an abusive husband?

Sadie had an abusive husband. He stalked her, and eventually she killed him by accident.


How does Gunnar believe he is related to Micah?

Gunnar believes that Micah is his son. He later finds out that Micah is the son of his brother, Jason.


How did Juliette's mother die?

Juliette's mother was addicted to drugs and she overdosed after killing Dante.


What kind of lessons does Deacon give Maddie?

Deacon gave Maddie guitar lessons. Maddie went to Deacon's house frequently to spend time with him and get guitar lessons from a master.


What country superstar did Juliette play in a movie?

Juliette played Patsy Cline in a movie called "Shenandoah Girl".


Which magazine was going to pay for Rayna and Luke's wedding?

Rayna and Luke was going to have their wedding paid for by People Magazine. When Rayna called off the wedding, People Magazine called off their funding.


Who did The Triple Exes open for on tour?

The Triple Exes opened for Rascall Flatts on tour!


After sitting beside him on the plane, who does Rayna sign to her record label?

Rayna sat beside Markus Keen on the plane, and after talking to him she decided to sign him to her record label. She wanted to help him transition into country music.


What decision did Scarlett have to make when her mother was in the hospital?

Scarlett had to make the decision to keep her mother on life-support, or to take her off of it. This was a difficult decision for Scarlett but she eventually came to the decision of taking her mother off life-support.


What is Caleb's job?

Caleb is a doctor. Scarlett takes comfort in talking to him while dealing with Deacon's cancer, and becomes more and more fond of him as time goes on.


Who wants to sue Juliette for wrongful death?

Juliette is in danger of being sued by Jeff's sister for wrongful death.


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