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Think you know all about Lady, Tramp, and friends? Test your knowledge and see if you are a true expert of this Disney love story by taking this quiz!

On which occasion did Darling receive Lady as a gift?

Darling received Lady as a gift from Jim Dear on Christmas. Lady was inside a small pink box with a bow tied around it for Darling to open. When she opened the box Lady popped out!


What did Jim and Darling give Lady to sleep in?

Jim and Darling gave Lady a basket to sleep in. Lady didn't want to sleep in her basket and would try to leave the room where she was supposed to sleep so that she could be with her owners.


What breed of dog is Lady?

Lady is a cocker spaniel. She can be considered one of the most famous cocker spaniels. This breed can also be found on Coppertone suntan lotion products.


What does Darling give to Lady when she is 6 months old?

Darling gives Lady a collar. It is blue with a gold tag and Darling says "so grown up, won't Jock and Trusty be surprised." Lady ran off to show them!


What breed of dog is Jock?

Jock is a Scottish Terrier and he is one of Lady's friends. He speaks with a Scottish accent and he is first seen burying bones in a hole in the movie.


Who raced Lady home?

Jim Dear raced Lady home. She had heard him on his way home and ran to meet him. He challenged her to a race and she won. When Jim Dear caught up to her, he had her balance a treat on her nose.


What happens to Tramp when he lets the dogs out of the truck going to the pound?

Tramp escapes from the dog catcher. After biting on the leg of the dog catcher's pants, Tramp gets chased by the dog catcher. He manages to escape by tricking the dog catcher.


Why was Lady upset when Jock and Trusty came to find her?

Lady was upset because her owners were not treating her like they normally do. She told Jock and Trusty that Jim Dear had called her "that dog" and Darling wouldn't take her on her afternoon walk.


Who tells Lady about all the bad things that a baby brings for dogs?

Tramp tells Lady about all the bad thing babies bring for dogs. When Lady found out that Jim Dear and Darling are expecting a baby, Tramp was walking by and over heard. He ran in to tell Lady from "experience" about all the bad things that happen to dogs when a baby arrives.


What do Jim Dear and Darling do after the baby is born?

Jim Dear and Darling go on a trip. Darling is worried about leaving the baby alone and they bring in Aunt Sarah to care for the baby while they are away. Aunt Sarah is very mean to Lady.


Who does Aunt Sarah bring with her that terrorizes Lady?

Aunt Sarah brings her two siamese cats Si and Am with her. They start to wreck Lady's house and as she tries to stop them, Aunt Sarah walks in and blames the whole mess on Lady.


What does Aunt Sarah take Lady to get?

Aunt Sarah took Lady to get a muzzle. When the salesman tried to put the muzzle on Lady, she ran out of the store taking the muzzle with her and coming very close to being hit by a car. She made it out safe!


Who saves Lady from the dogs that were chasing her?

Tramp saved Lady from the dogs that were chasing her. After Lady ran into an alley, a pack of stray dogs started chasing her. Tramp stepped in the fight them off and save Lady.


How did Tramp get Lady inside the zoo?

Tramp distracted the guard. Tramp pretended like he belonged to a man who was walking down the street. Since there are no dogs allowed in the zoo, the guard and the man got into a fight which allowed the dogs to get inside.


What animal does Tramp have bite the muzzle off of Lady?

Tramp had a beaver bite the muzzle off of Lady. Tramp told the beaver that the muzzle was exactly what he needed to help pull his logs to the river. The beaver agreed and after biting it off of Lady, Tramp let him keep it.


What is the nickname that Tramp calls Lady?

Tramp calls Lady "Pidge." Pidge is short for pigeon, which was once slang used for women in the 1950's. It is a term of endearment.


What dish do Lady and Tramp get when they go to Tony's?

Lady and Tramp had spaghetti at Tony's. Tony gave them his best dish and serenaded them as they ate. This was the famous scene where Lady and Tramp are eating the same noodle.


What does Tramp suggest that he and Lady do on the way to her house?

Tramp suggests that he and Lady should chase some chickens. Lady was reluctant to go but Tramp insisted. Everything was fine until the farmer fired a shot at the dogs. They got away safely!


What happened as Lady and Tramp were running away from the farmer?

Lady was taken to the pound while running from the farmer. Tramp was running ahead of Lady and didn't see that she had been caught. When he became hidden, he noticed Lady wasn't there and went looking for her.


Which dog tries to comfort Lady when she's taken to the pound?

Peg tried to comfort Lady when she was in the pound. Lady was scared and the other dogs were poking fun at her. Peg stopped them and tried to make Lady feel better.


Where did Lady sleep after she was picked up from the pound?

After Lady was picked up from the pound, she slept chained in a doghouse outside. Jock and Trusty came to comfort her and offer her a new place to stay.


What runs into Lady's yard after Tramp leaves?

After Tramp left, a rat ran through Lady's yard and into the house. Even though she tried to stop it, she couldn't and it got inside of the house.


What happened to Tramp when he went after the rat?

When Tramp went after the rat, he was bitten on the leg. He had also accidentally knocked the baby's crib over to Aunt Sarah's horror.


Who stopped the wagon that was taking Tramp to the dog pound?

Jock and Trusty stopped the wagon that was taking Tramp to the dog pound. They ran after the wagon and frightened the horses. Lady was close behind in the car with her family.


Who was hit by the dog catcher's wagon?

Trusty was hit by the dog catcher's wagon. Trusty went ahead of Jock to scare the horses and stop the wagon, but he was hit and suffered an injury to his leg in the process.


How many of Lady and Tramp's puppies look like Lady?

Three out of four of Lady and Tramp's puppies look like Lady. Their last puppy looks just like Tramp and acts like him as well!


What is the name of the puppy that looks like Tramp?

The name of the puppy that looks like Tramp is Scamp. He is a little bit of a trouble maker like his father and they enjoy playing together.


What is the name of the second Lady and the Tramp movie?

The second Lady and the Tramp movie is called "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure." In the movie, Scamp decides that he isn't meant to live in a house and that he should be a stray dog.


What is the name of Scamp's girlfriend in the second movie?

Scamp's girlfriend is named Angel. She is a small white dog who has lived with five families. She then lived at the junkyard until the end of the movie when Jim Dear and Darling adopted her.


Who did the voice of Lady in the first movie?

Barbara Luddy did the voice of Lady in the first movie. She later did the voice for Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty and Rover from One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


What animal do Si and Am try to eat?

Si and Am try to eat a fish. Si and Am grabbed onto the table cloth that was under the fish bowl to try to drag the fish down so that they could eat it. Lady was able to save the fish!


What was Dachsie trying to do when Lady arrived at the pound?

Dachsie was trying to help the other dogs escape from the pound by digging a hole. Every time a dog catcher walked by, he would have to rebury the hole.


What did Tramp get at the end of the movie?

Tramp got a collar. When Jim Dear and Darling adopted Tramp, he received a collar despite his hate for collars throughout the movie. He had finally been accepted into a great family.


What item of Jock's does Scamp ruin?

Scamp ruined Jock's sweater. He pulled on a thread and unravelled it. Jock was very calm about it and brushed it off and Lady put Scamp into a box.


What holiday does the movie end with?

The movie ends on Christmas. This time, instead of there being only one puppy there were many. The small family of three had grown into a much larger one throughout the movie.


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