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What occupation does Charlie's stepfather have?

Charlie's stepfather, Salvatore Maggio is a mobster. In the movie he is played by Christopher Walken and he is the head of a mafia. He also has henchmen that do his dirty work.


What did Louis want to buy from Charlie when they were kids?

Louis wanted to buy Charlie's Captain Amazing compass. Both the boys were on the beach and Louis was using a metal detector. When it detected something in Charlie's back pocket, Louis asked if he had 75 cents in it.


What happened to Charlie when Frankie threw the football into the ocean?

Charlie started drowning. When Frankie threw the football into the ocean, Charlie went after it. Louis, who Charlie had just met ran out into the water and saved his life.


What does Charlie own?

Charlie owns a beauty salon. Sal set Charlie up with the salon and his henchmen often visit to take Charlie's profit. This leaves him with a very small amount left to improve the business.


What job does Louis get where he needs Charlie's help?

Louis gets a job delivering televisions. He runs into Charlie's salon in a frenzy and informs him that he needs his help because his partner "ate a microwave chimichanga" and didn't make it to work.


What happened to Charlie and Louis when they went to deliver the televisions?

Charlie and Louis were chased by the cops when they went to deliver the televisions. They were able to escape while wreaking havoc throughout the city and becoming wanted by the police.


What is the name of Louis' dog?

Louis dog is named Waffles. When Charlie and Louis go to Australia, Waffles stays behind with Sal and his henchmen.


Where did Charlie and Louis lead the police?

Charlie and Louis lead the police to Sal's warehouse where he kept many of his stolen goods. Sal was not impressed and said that he would give them another chance to redeem themselves.


What do Charlie and Louis have to do to redeem themselves?

Charlie and Louis have to deliver an envelope to a man in Sydney, Australia. Frankie tells them that they must be there by 12:00 local time and warns them that they cannot be late.


What was in the package that Charlie and Louis must deliver?

There is $50,000 in the envelope that Charlie and Louis are delivering. Louis looks inside the envelope on the plane and goes to the washroom where Charlie is to show him just what they're delivering.


What animal does Charlie hit?

Charlie accidentally hit a kangaroo. Charlie was not paying attention to the road when he hit the kangaroo who would soon be known as Kangaroo Jack.


What does Kangaroo Jack get away with?

Kangaroo Jack gets away with Sal's money and Louis' lucky jacket. Charlie and Louis laughed about the incident until they remembered that the money was in Louis' jacket.


What happens to Charlie and Louis when they chase Kangaroo Jack with their Jeep?

Charlie and Louis crash the Jeep. Louis drove while Charlie tried to grab the money from the pocket of the jacket but Kangaroo Jack was able to escape with the money and the jacket once again.


Where does Louis go to get help to find Kangaroo Jack and the money?

Louis goes to a wildlife foundation to get help from them to find Kangaroo Jack. He meets Jessie who works there and tells him that he needs a tranquilizer gun and an airplane.


What did Sal plan to do when Charlie and Louis made it to Australia?

Sal planned to cancel Charlie and Louis' return trip from Australia. Near the end of the movie, it's revealed that Sal was planning to have Charlie and Louis killed.


Who does Louis hit when trying to tranquilize Kangaroo Jack?

Louis hits the pilot when trying to hit Kangaroo Jack with the tranquilizer dart. The plane made a sharp turn right as he fired the gun and it ended up hitting the pilot in the neck.


What does Mr. Smith believe that Charlie and Louis did?

Mr. Smith believes that Charlie and Louis stole his money. Louis called Mr. Smith and told him that the delivery would be delayed because they had misplaced his money. He then took it upon himself to find them.


What did Charlie think he saw while stranded in the desert?

Charlie thought that he saw a car in the desert. He hopped into it thinking that they would be able to get out of the desert only to find out that what he had seen was just a mirage.


Who finds Charlie and Louis in the desert after the plane crash?

Jessie finds Charlie and Louis when they are stranded in the desert. Charlie believes that he is seeing another mirage when Jessie rode up to them on a camel only to find out that she is actually real after she punches him.


What does Charlie offer to Jessie if she helps them out?

Charlie offers Jessie money to help them out. Charlie knew that Jessie wanted to repopulate the earth with bilbies and offered to give her $2,000 for helping them get Sal's money back. She accepted his offer!


Where does the group head to find the kangaroos?

The group headed towards a source of water to find the kangaroos. Jessie mentioned that there hasn't been rain for long time and the kangaroos usually go to rivers when this occurs. The group headed to the Todd River.


What happened to Louis when they tried to catch Kangaroo Jack?

Louis had ants inside of his shorts. Just as the group approached Kangaroo Jack, Louis started to freak out. When Jessie threw the bolo, Louis couldn't take it anymore and started frantically screaming allowing Kangaroo Jack to get away once again.


Who came to Australia to find Charlie and Louis?

Frankie came to Australia to find Charlie and Louis. He tried to find the pair by threatening people who had seen them for information and venturing into the outback to search for them.


What did Mr. Smith attempt to have his henchmen do to Charlie and Louis?

Mr. Smith attempted to have his henchmen take Charlie and Louis to Kings Canyon where they would kill them and "make it look natural." Charlie and Louis came up with a plan to save themselves which ended up working for them.


What happened to Louis once he grabbed the money from Kangaroo Jack?

Louis fell over a cliff. Once Louis grabbed the money, he didn't realize that he was coming up to a cliff. His camel stopped in time but Louis was thrown over the side only hanging onto the rein he was using.


What does Charlie use to pull Louis up from the cliff?

Charlie uses two belts to pull Louis up from the cliff. He has Louis grab onto the belts while he grabs onto the camel's rein to pull his friend back up to safety.


What is the real reason that Charlie and Louis were sent to Australia to deliver the money?

The real reason that Sal sent Charlie and Louis to Australia was to deliver the money to Mr. Smith so that he could kill them. They found out about this after recovering the money from Kangaroo Jack.


What happens to Frankie before he has a chance to kill Charlie and Louis himself?

Frankie is taken to jail before getting the chance to kill Charlie and Louis. As he was running away from the police, Charlie threw a bolo at him which tripped him and allowed the police to catch him.


What did Kangaroo Jack give to Charlie?

Kangaroo Jack gave Louis' lucky jacket back to Charlie. He then brought his family out to the group, and his offspring kicked Charlie in the face like Kangaroo Jack did in their first encounter with them.


Who did Jessie marry at the end of the movie?

Jessie married Charlie. At the end of the movie they are seen on a yacht and Charlie also describes himself as a "filthy rich dude." Louis is also on the yacht with them.


What did Louis and Charlie use the $50,000 for?

Louis and Charlie used the $50,000 to create a start-up for Snakeskin Lily Berry Shampoo. Charlie describes their product as "the biggest thing since Vidal Sassoon."


Who is the last character seen in the movie?

Kangaroo Jack is the last character seen in the movie. In his final segment, he is seen talking about his acting, singing and dancing chops as well as how great he is at doing impersonations.


What is the name of the sequel to Kangaroo Jack?

The sequel to Kangaroo Jack is called Kangaroo Jack: G'Day, U.S.A.! The sequel is a cartoon that was released in 2004 where Charlie, Louis and Jessie go back to Australia to save the animals from poachers.


What song does Kangaroo Jack rap while the other kangaroos dance in the money?

Kangaroo Jack raps "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang. The other kangaroos dance in the money that Charlie and Louis were supposed to deliver. It ended up only being a dream that Charlie had after he was knocked out.


Who played the role of Charlie in the movie?

Jerry O'Connell played the role of Charlie in the movie. Today, he is married with children and he is still acting. He has worked on many movies throughout his career.


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