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Some common words in the English language could also be used to describe a handful of other words. Do you think you can challenge yourself to test your knowledge of synonyms? Then take this quiz to see how much of a human thesaurus you could be!

When you're talking about authority, bureaucracy, an empire, or the presidency, you're referring to this...

The government is the seat of power of a sovereign nation. So there's a lot of bureaucracy there, especially in the presidency.


It's a kind of residence, a form of lodging, or accommodation. What is it?

An apartment is essentially a lodging place where you generally pay the rent. But there are homeowners who can buy their own apartments, too.


When you're short, petite or diminutive, you're simply this...

When you're referring to someone small, there are many ways to say it. Make sure you choose the non-offensive synonyms.


Loafers, pumps, moccasins, and boots all fall under one universal term. What is it?

The synonym of shoes is, oddly enough, the types of shoes there are!


When there's order, unity, accord, or a truce, this follows...

Peace is always a good thing to achieve. Harmony comes with it.


When you have a dilemma, some trouble, a complication, or a mess, you definitely have this...

A problem could also be seen as a challenge. But yeah, it could be messy as well.


Depending on where you are in the world, we call it the metro, or the tube, or the underground. What is it?

The subway is a great railway system that's integrally built within a city. If the city has improper urban planning, though, the subway could also be a mess.


Airplanes call it the lavatory, while it's called a toilet at home. What is this room generally called?

In some parts of the world, the restroom is also called a WC, short for water closet.


When you want to escape, to split, to desert something or someone, or to disappear, you simply do this...

To leave also means to get out. It's that simple.


If it's the beginning, the opening, or the original and initial, then it must be this...

It's the first if it's the start. It's also called the alpha at times, since alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.


When they say you're urban or from the metropolis, they simply mean you live in this kind of area...

A city is always urban in nature, but there's a growing category that mixes a bit of the rural with the urban, and they call it peri-urban.


Terms like adolescent, juvenile, and youngster all refer to this type of still-to-develop person. Who is this person?

Technically, a person can still be categorized as a child up to 18 years of age. After that, it's adulthood. But there are sub-categories between the two now.


What's another term for a footpath or a foot pavement?

Did you know that skateboarding was called sidewalk surfing before? It's because you do it on the sidewalk, and it's kinda like surfing without waves.


When you're insane, bonkers, cuckoo, or a lunatic, it means you're this...

Who knew there were a lot of synonyms for crazy! Yeah, it's totally nuts!


When you're referring to the universe, the cosmos, the earth or the sphere, you're referring to this...

The world is round, hence the word 'global,' and also spherical. But don't tell that to the "flat-earther" people!


In the wild west, they called it a saloon. In parts of UK, it's a pub. What's this alcohol-serving place generally called?

A bar is a generic term for a place that serves alcohol primarily. Nowadays, if a bar also offers great food selections, they term it "gastrobar."


When your existence is critical, essential, and vital, then you're this kind of person.

To be important means to leave a good mark wherever you are. You always want to be on the right side of history to be important, although some were on the wrong side.


When you're talking about debris, dregs, or even trash, you want to throw this thing out...

The British call garbage, rubbish. It also has a figurative and literal meaning.


When you've got employment, a job, or doing a practice, then you have this...

The French call 'work', 'travail' while the Spanish call it 'trabajo.' Hm, kinda far from its origin, eh?


When you talk about your survival or your being, then you're referring to this...

Life could be great if we learn to relax. Now that should be its acronym!


When you're talking about a parent or the child-bearer, you're referring to this person in the family...

The mother figure is an archetype with pre-determined characteristics in storytelling. So it's a challenge to jazz up this character!


When something's superb, wonderful, or just plain nice, then something feels like this...

I feel good! I know that I should! Listen to James Brown, my man!


When it's in an undeveloped stage, like it's raw and fresh, then it's in this stage of evolution. What's the term?

To be early means to be in its initial stages. It's kinda cousins with the word "start" as well.


At the basic education level, they're called learners. In high school, they're pupils. In college, they're undergrads. In the masters and doctoral levels, they call it postgrad. What are these people, generally speaking?

A student is obviously called by many other terms. The term depends on the level of their learning.


Your abode could be a condo, a hut, a castle, or a manor. But we all call this by one term -- the one Oz-trapped Dorothy badly wanted to return to. What's the term?

Home is where the heart is, as that cliché goes. So you can be a nomad and feel at home in many places.


When there's fighting, battles, and bloodshed, you're definitely in one of these events...

War is not always the answer to resolve conflict. But many power-hungry people don't care to listen.


Cash, wealth, banknote, funds, and salary are all happy terms for this equally happy possession of ours. What is it?

It's cool that there is an instrument called money to control commerce today. Imagine if we were still in the barter periods -- er, how many eggs do you want for that one cuppa?


Twilight, witching hour, and bedtime all fall during this part of a daily cycle. Which part is it?

The night is always depicted as mysterious or sinister; the lack of daylight prompts that.


The courageous, adventurous, gutsy, and valiant all mean one thing. What is it?

Brave is a word easily thrown around in superhero movies. But really, ordinary people making an honest living is also a form of bravery.


A human, individual, and a mortal all refer to this being. What's the more common term?

The word 'person' is somewhat nearer to how other languages say the term. It's 'personne' in French and 'persona' in Spanish. Easy, right?


When you're cheerful, contented, and gleeful, then you're joyously feeling this...

To be happy is the greatest feeling on earth. To sustain it is somehow the challenge.


Stay away from someone atrocious, abominable, crappy, and unsatisfactory, because they are this for you...

The word "bad" has also been reclaimed in the past 2-3 decades to mean something good or utterly radical. Not a bad turn for bad, eh?


When you're in a boutique, an emporium, or an outlet, you're definitely inside one of these establishments...

Shop 'til you drop is not really a good expression to use. You can get tired or not have enough money to drop.


When it's unpaid, costless, or complimentary, then you're getting it during this state. What state is it?

To be free is a state of being. To get things for free is also a state of being -- it's called being a freeloader!


Depending on what you use it for and the material it's made of, sometimes it's called a hurricane lamp, or a beacon, or a torch. But essentially, these all describe one item. What is it?

A flashlight is something portable that you carry which emits light. Simple enough!


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