Are You a Guy Magnet or Repellent?

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In a sitcom, it's super easy to figure out how to attract a guy. Give him beer and pizza and wear a lowcut top and you're golden. But that's just how sitcoms work. In the real world, believe it or not, there's more to figuring out guys than the basic caveman urges that pop culture ascribes to them. Make no mistake, those caveman urges are absolutely a part of many guys' psyches, and you can probably get a long way with beer and pizza for most guys. But there is more diversity there, and it's not as easy as magazines or blogs might make you believe it is to get to the heart of every guy. But we're not really worried about "every" guy here, are we? Just guys in general. You need to know how to work the big picture before you hone in on one specific guy, and with that in mind, you need to know if you're setting off on the wrong foot from the get-go. So why not answer a few questions for us about how you approach guys and we'll let you know if you're doing yourself a favor or making it worse. Are you attracting those guys or pushing them away? Take the quiz and see!

When a guy is telling you about a hobby of his, what are you doing?

Do you ever go out of your way to be a bit of a tease?

Are you willing to try out a guy's hobbies even if you normally would have no interest in them?

Do you have more friends of the same sex or the opposite sex?

Are you going out of your way to make yourself look hot for no particular reason?

How's your sense of humor?

Do you feel like you have a lot of self-confidence?

Should you be looking for a guy or should guys be looking for you?

Do you need a guy to be happy?

How often are you chowing down on some garlic?

Do you make an effort to get to know a guy's family?

If your guy is out for a while with friends, how long before you call him to see how he's doing?

Are you more of an Xbox fan or a PlayStation fan?

Is there any chance you'd ever enter an eating competition?

There are plenty of movie genres to choose from out there. What are you pulling up on Netflix?

Speaking of movies, pick the coolest horror movie villain.

If you're out for a walk and you see a dog, are you going to pet it?

How long into a relationship before you start talking about having kids?

When do you tell a guy you love him?

Do you trust your friends' judgment when it comes to guys?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you expect a guy to open doors for you?

What does your shampoo smell like?

How many relationships have you been in with guys in your life?

Do you have a rough idea of how many times in a day you'd text a guy?

Are you down with making the first move?

When you hit the dance floor, do you have some sexy moves or not?

Do you have the culinary skills to make a few really tasty meals?

When you get into a conversation, how often do you have to endure awkward pauses?

When you hit up a club, how often are you getting guys asking for your digits?

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