Are You a Ford Guy or a Chevy Guy?

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Cats or dogs? Mountains or beach? Coke or Pepsi? Most people, when pressed, could make a list of pros and cons, think about it and come up with answers to these questions.

Ford or Chevy? You just know the answer in your gut.

When it comes to the history of the automotive industry, and the history of America itself, Ford and Chevrolet are deeply woven into our cultural tapestry. Henry Ford, with his moving assembly line in 1908, started not only the modern automobile industry but the age of industrial mass production itself. Soon after, in 1911, race car driver and engineer Louis Chevrolet, auto pioneer William C. Durant and other investors came together and created a company that would become known for bold designs and innovation. The battle was on!

Each company has put pressure on the other to innovate over the years, and the winners have been drivers around the world. Given this rich history, it would seem almost impossible to choose between the two manufacturers, and yet we do. Oh, yes, we most certainly do.

Relatives self-identify as "Ford" or "Chevy" families. Race fans root for the make of the vehicle on the track almost as much — if not more so —than for the individual drivers. For some, when it comes time to buy a vehicle, rather than look at the entire field available to them, their decision immediately boils down to "Which Chevy do I want?" or "Do we need a Ford car or truck this time?"

So, which side of this particular fence do you find yourself on? Give us 30 answers to 30 questions, and we'll all know the truth! Saddle up the Mustang, drop the top on the Corvette, and let's do this!

Your buddy just bought a new Chevy Silverado. Your reaction?

What does "FORD" stand for?

What was your reaction when Ford started making trucks with aluminum frames?

The first Mustang hit the streets in '64, the first Camaro in '66. What does this mean to you?

When it comes to classic pony cars ...

What does the word "Nova" mean to you?

Your best friend pulls into your driveway with his new F-150. What are your first words to him?

What should you drive to the levee, even if the levee is dry?

Complete this sentence: "I'd ... "

What is the greatest car chase in movie history?

What does "CHEVY" stand for?

What's your reaction when you see someone driving a Ram Truck?

The first Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1908. This meant ...

At more than 100 years old, the Chevy "Bowtie" logo is one of the nation's oldest corporate symbols ...

Who else should be on Mount Rushmore?

Ford's oval emblem ...

Whenever I hear Bruce Springsteen's "Pink Cadillac" play on the radio ...

When I see "Smokey and the Bandit" just starting on television, I ...

What is Ford's answer to the Corvette?

KITT from "Knight Rider" was a modified Trans Am. This means ...

You find out the Transformers are real when a robot transforms from a Ford GT in front of you. What's your reaction?

What's the best fringe benefit of owning a Chevy?

The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. since 1986. Why is this?

Ford dealerships are ...

The word "Ford" ...

What do you call a bank robber who uses a Chevy as a getaway vehicle?

Why do Ford mechanics love their job?

What's your thought when you see a Labrador retriever riding in the back of a Chevy pickup?

Your adult son has just bought his first new car — a Chevrolet Camaro. What does your heart tell you?

When it comes to Ford's history of wins on the NASCAR circuit ...

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