Are You a Foodie?

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Some of us just look at food as something to put into our bodies while others truly take their relationship with food seriously, whether it be as chefs or consumers. Are you a foodie?

How often do you make meals from scratch?

Do you buy food locally?

What kind of pizza would you get?

How often do you eat at fast food places?

Have you ever gone on a diet?

What was the last ethnic restaurant you ate at?

Where do you usually go out to eat?

How important is food when you take a trip?

Do you ever travel just to eat at a particular place?

How much do you spend a month eating out?

How much would you spend for the perfect dinner when out with your partner before tip?

What is your spice collection like?

When you cook meat, do you use a rub?

Where do you get most of your food?

What kind of sauces do you buy for pasta?

Where do you get most of your produce?

How often do you try a new type of food you have never tried before?

There is a new Thai fusion place around the corner, getting rave reviews, do you go?

Ever been to a raw food restaurant?

What do you think when you watching cooking competition shows on TV?

Do you ever plan restaurant menus in your head?

What do you think of McDonald's?

Do you make fusion foods yourself?

Where does pork butt come from?

What is beluga?

What do you think of the show "Man Vs. Food?"

How many types of mushrooms can you name?

Where do you eat in a strange city?

What do you think of sushi?

How much would you pay for a good steak?

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