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Right before the summer of 2003, "Finding Nemo" hit theaters. It was a perfect time because the movie largely takes place underwater or in other aquatic areas like a fish tank. It's tropical, has bright colors and some of the cutest fish you'll ever see. It even won an Oscar in 2004 for Best Animated Film. If you know anything about this film, you know the basic premise is a son fish goes missing from the dad fish and the dad fish goes on a journey to find him with the help of an interesting character. But those who consider themselves experts will know the ins and out of this movie right down to the color of the strap on the scuba goggles and the names of the Tank Gang.

Are you one of those people? If you aren't now, you definitely will be by the time you're done taking this quiz. Here's a fun fact to know! The scene where the seagulls are squawking "mine," was translated into other languages when the movie was released elsewhere. Since seagulls don't speak any language, it made sense. If you want to learn more fun facts like that, or prove how many you already know and become a "Finding Nemo" expert, take this quiz now!

Dig deep and try to remember the name of Nemo's mom. What is it?

Nemo's mom isn't seen except for in the beginning of the film, and only mentioned a few times after that. She unfortunately was eaten by a barracuda while tending to her group of eggs with Marlin.

Which famous line does Bruce the shark utter toward the end of the movie?

When Nemo first meets Bruce, it's a terrifying moment for the clownfish and viewers alike. However, he learns a few things and has a change of heart about eating the fish when he realizes they can be friends and not just prey.

When Nemo is in the fish tank at the dentist's office, what nickname is he given by the other habitants?

Shark bait hoo ha ha! There's no real explanation as to why Nemo was given this nickname. Speculation has said it's because he was the smallest fish in the tank, but it's also just a nickname so not too much thought should be put on it.

Do you remember what type of water creature Nemo's teacher is?

Clever naming on Disney's part! These movies are made for kids, and Ray is an actual normal name, so props to them for making Nemo's stingray teacher's name Mr. Ray. He really was great with those kids.

Do you remember the street address Dory and Marlin were trying to reach?

Dory deciphers this address from a pair of goggles and tries to commit it to memory by repeating it over and over again. She is known for not having a good memory, and this address is so important so it's crucial she remember it.

Exactly what type of fish were Marlin, Nemo and Coral?

Clownfish are known for their bright orange color, white curvy stripes and short fins. If you've seen "Finding Nemo," it's almost impossible to look at a clownfish and not quote the movie or call it Nemo.

What is Dory's biggest downfall?

The one thing to know about Dory is that she basically has no short-term memory. She constantly forgets who Nemo is, what she and Marlin are doing and where they're going. She tries her best to remember important things, like the address on the scuba goggles.

What happens to Dory when going over the trench?

The fish had told Dory to go through the trench and not over it, but she couldn't remember why when she and Marlin actually got there. They decide to go over it thinking it would be faster, but ultimately Dory gets stung by one too many jellyfish and passes out.

Nemo always wanted to know how old sea turtles can get. Marlin finds out that Crush is how old during his time in the current?

Right before Marlin is about to exit the current, he yells back at Crush to ask him how old he is. He remembers having a conversation with Nemo about the age of sea turtles, and now he'll have something to tell him when they reunite.

Which type of sea creature is Peach, from the Tank Gang?

Peach can often be found stuck to the side of the fish tank, as a starfish would. She's bright pink, though, and not peach-colored. Sometimes she tries to speak when she is against the glass and, naturally, no one can understand her.

What other sea animal does Dory think she can speak to?

Through some moans and groans, it seemed like Dory could actually communicate with the humpback whale. In reality, she was probably just matching the frequency in which they hear things.

Do you remember the name of Crush the sea turtle's son?

Squirt is one of the cutest characters in the movie. He sounds like a surfer dude, loves his dad and wants to be able to help Marlin and Dory find Nemo. He definitely thinks he's a little older than he is, though.

Whose catchphrase is "just keep swimming"?

Maybe one of the most quotable lines in the movie is when Dory tells Marlin to just keep swimming. She meant it literally, because fish swim to move forward, but it has come to be used as motivation to just keep going when things seem tough.

Before Nemo actually does escape, how do the Tank Gang want him to do it so that they can all escape?

Blocking the filter would cause algae to build up on the tank and force the dentist to take the fish out so the tank could be cleaned. After a few failed attempts, Nemo manages to do it, but it doesn't end the way they all wanted it to.

Nigel is the name of what animal that helps transport Marlin and Dory to their destination?

Nigel is also the pelican with the crab in his mouth that all the seagulls go nuts over. He scoops Dory and Marlin up, saving them from the seagulls trying to eat them, and delivers them safely where they need to go.

Sheldon the Seahorse suffers from a certain condition. Do you remember what it is?

It's clearly very funny that a seahorse would have an H2O intolerance given that he lives in the ocean! He must be doing OK, though, as he's able to go on adventures with the rest of his classmates.

Which other Pixar character can be seen snorkeling during the credits in "Finding Nemo"?

In the middle of the ending credits, Mike Wazowski comes floating into the screen and he can be seen wearing a snorkel mask. This is just another example of the Easter eggs Disney and Pixar like to put in their movies.

Before Nemo got taken, he called which reef home?

The Great Barrier Reef is probably the most famous coral reef in the world. People snorkel, scuba dive and search for fish there. It is starting to suffer from bleaching, but hopefully it will return to all its glory soon.

What did the schoolchildren think a boat was called?

One of Nemo's friends and classmates goes out to "touch the butt" because that's what they all thought a boat was called. Someone heard it from their neighbor, but it was definitely misheard.

What does Nemo do in order to not have to be given away to Darla?

Darla is known for killing fish and Nemo doesn't want that to be his fate. Once he is put in the plastic bag of water to be sent home with Darla, he has the idea to play dead. It works and he ends up getting flushed down the drain, making his ultimate escape.

Marlin and Coral decided to name half the eggs one thing and the other half another. What were the two names?

Marlin and Coral decided to name half the eggs after Marlin and the other half after Coral, but then Coral said she liked the name Nemo. Marlin promised that one of the eggs could bear that name.

How exactly does Nemo get separated from Marlin?

P. Sherman of 42 Wallaby Way was the scuba diver who took Nemo. After a fight with his dad, Nemo swims out into the open ocean as an act of rebellion. Like most acts of rebellion, Nemo ends up regretting it pretty quick.

The school of fish do impressions for Marlin and Dory. What's the first shape they form?

Dory and Marlin come across a school of fish and try to ask them for directions. However, the fish just start organizing themselves into other shapes. Eventually, they do form an arrow providing direction to the pair.

Did Marlin and Dory ever fall in love?

In any other movie, the two characters going through a journey to find someone would fall in love. But that wouldn't fit the characters of Dory and Marlin. Especially because Dory can barely remember who Marlin is.

During school, where do Nemo and his classmates go on a field trip, sending Marlin into a tizzy?

Marlin is so nervous of losing Nemo that he freaks out whenever Nemo goes anywhere. When Nemo wants to go to the drop off with the rest of his classmates, Marlin panics and doesn't want Nemo to go.

Who is it that tells Nemo that his father is looking for him?

Nigel plays so many important roles in this movie! He's also the one who scooped up Dory and Marlin as they were about to be attacked by the seagulls and delivered them to the dentist's office where Nemo was.

When Dory and Marlin are in a deep part of the ocean where they can't see anything, which type of fish swims up on them with some light, but also with some fright?

The light was most welcomed by Dory and Marlin, but once they saw the chompers behind the built-in lantern, they swam away as fast as they could. Angler fish are known for being a pretty terrifying looking fish.

Which cute term did Dory refer to the baby jellyfish as?

Before the onslaught of the other jellyfish, Dory encounters one tiny one that she refers to as her squishy. It shall be hers and it shall be her squishy. But the sentiment ended pretty quickly when she realized she was in a sea of stinging jellyfish.

Dory was such a good character that she got her own movie! Which comedian is the voice of the endearing fish?

Ellen has such an identifiable voice and it was perfect for the character of Dory. Ellen has said that kids recognize her by voice more than anything else now, and ask her to say things that Dory says in the movie.

Disney and Pixar love their Easter eggs! Which other character can be found in one of the exam rooms at the dentist's office?

Disney and Pixar are known for their crossovers. They love sneaking characters from certain movies into other movies. In "Finding Nemo," Buzz Lightyear can be seen on the floor of an exam room at P. Sherman's dentist office.

Do you remember the name of the French fish that was in the Tank Gang with Nemo and the others?

Jacques is the one who goes to get Nemo for his initiation ceremony into the Tank Gang. He controls the ring of fire in the tank, as well as decontaminates new fish who come into the tank.

Who is Darla?

Darla was a true rugrat of a kid. She was loud, unruly and didn't follow directions well. Her uncle, the dentist, pretty much let her do whatever she wanted, including not taking care of fish he would gift her.

Do you remember the year "Finding Nemo" was released?

The Pixar film hit theaters on May 30, 2003. It was sure to be a summer hit with its aquatic themes and tropical fish. However, it was heading into winter in Sydney, where a lot of the movie takes place.

Do you remember what Crush's dad's name is?

Viewers find out Crush's dad's name is Mr. Turtle because Marlin refers to Crush as Mr. Turtle, to which Crush replies that that's his father. We never meet Mr. Turtle and don't hear about him again in the movie.

When Nemo is in the fish tank at the dentist's office, which member of the Tank Gang is the first to speak to him?

Bubbles, a yellow tang fish, is one of the friendliest fish in the tank. He's called Bubbles because of his obsession with the bubbles that come out of the treasure chest at the bottom of the fish tank.

Is the Australian Current that Dory and Marlin travel in the East or West one?

The East Australian Current is a real thing and while it runs east, it's actually the southward western boundary current. Depending on the weather, the current could behave in different ways, much like other bodies of water.

All the seagulls shout "mine" about the same thing. What are they all trying to get at?

Seagulls are notorious for being after food, and any type of food. They're also very territorial when they find it. The gulls in "Finding Nemo" are no different, as they all start shouting and claiming ownership of the crab that Nigel is carrying.

Gill is the most serious and jaded of the Tank Gang. Do you remember how many scars he has?

Gill is considered the leader of the Tank Gang, but the only thing he wants in his life is to escape the tank. His scars came from a previous attempt to escape, but it went wrong and he landed on some dental tools.

How many eggs did Marlin and Coral originally have?

That's a lot of eggs! No wonder they weren't going to give them all separate names. After the barracuda tragedy, however, only one egg remained and was of course named Nemo.

Which of Nemo's fins is deformed but also called his lucky fin?

The right side of his egg was damaged in the barracuda attack so his right fin didn't grow to be full size and functional like his left fin. To make him feel better about it, Marlin just told him that it was his lucky fin and it made him special.

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