Are You a Drama Queen?

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When things go down in your life that are not totally to your liking, how do you react? Do you take bad news without missing a beat or do you freak right out? How much of a drama queen are you?

Your best friend is getting married, and you are still single, how do you feel about it?

Your boyfriend of 3 months just broke up with you, how do you feel?

Your Boyfriend of 3 years breaks up with you, what do you do?

You find out your friends went to a club without inviting you, how do you feel?

Do you ever make posts on Facebook talking about your feelings?

You forgot to pay a bill, how do you feel?

You are walking through a neighborhood that you heard was dangerous at night, how do you feel?

You have a fender bender in the parking lot on your way to work, and spill coffee on yourself, how do you react?

What was the last fight with your significant other like?

What do you think when you text someone and they don't text back?

You voted for Clinton, what do you think now that Trump won?

You noticed a mole on your arm that you have never seen before, what do you think?

Your parents give your sister a birthday present that is more expensive than yours, what do you think?

Someone tells you about an episode of Game of Thrones you have not seen yet, what do you think?

Have you ever gotten in a long twitter or Facebook war, with anyone?

You overhear someone say something about your weight, how does it make you feel?

Do you ever feel like dealing with things is just too much?

Do most people understand you?

Do you like being the center of attention?

Your boss gives you a bad performance review, how do you react?

You have been tired for the past week, why?

Your significant other wants to go home instead of staying out and partying more, how do you react.

Your hair didn't come out as well as you wanted, how do you react?

You came in second, how does that make you feel?

Your coworkers are all in a group nearby, one looks at you and they all start laughing, what do you think?

Do you ever wonder why bad things always happen to you?

Imagine someone were to give you 50 thousand dollars a year, for life, would you ever need to worry about money again?

Do you worry about death?

Do you feel that people in your life appreciate you?

Your boyfriend seems to be flirting with the waitress, how do you react?

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