Are You a Dog Person?

By: Zoe Samuel
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Dog people include some of the best people out there. They are people who appreciate undying loyalty, true friendship and unconditional love. They value the idea of having someone in your life who will always hug you when you're down and do a jig with you when you are up. They have plenty of love to give and they bestow it only on those who deserve it and return it. They are ecstatic when they meet a new dog, and doubly so when the dog likes them, because they know that dogs always have a sense of who is good and who is not.

However, there are some people who are also perfectly great, but are not dog people. Perhaps they've been bitten, they have an allergy or they just haven't grown up with dogs. Then there are the people who are dog people who don't get much chance to express it, because they really can't take care of a dog right now and are not going to get one without knowing they've got all their doggie ducks in a row.

Are you a true dog person? Tell us a little about yourself and we'll help you figure it out - and if so, just what kind of dog person you are!

Did you grow up with dogs?

Do you mind everything being covered in hair?

Do you have any allergies?

How playful are you?

Do you like hugging people?

Are you scared of dogs you don't know?

Do you love exercise?

How many snuggles are enough?

Can you deal with being truly loved for who you are, no reservations?

Do you have a lot of love to give?

Be honest: How fussy are you?

Could you keep a plant alive?

What hours do you work, and where?

How tolerant are you of fools?

Do you mind going outside no matter the weather?

Do you ever travel spontaneously?

Are you goofy?

Do you mind tripping over toys?

Do you have a garden?

Can you bear the thought of losing a best friend every 10-12 years?

Are you willing to set consistent boundaries?

Can you always tell when a dog is friendly?

Do you get out of the city regularly?

Do you hunt?

Do you immediately feel calmer when you cuddle a dog?

Do you leave food lying around sometimes?

Have you ever dog-sat for a friend?

Do you know what doggie things cost?

What is the best way to get your ideal dog?

Do you get lonely easily?

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