Are You a City or a Country Girl?

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They say the heart wants what the heart wants, and this is especially true when it comes to where you want to live. At heart, are you a country girl or a city girl? Play on to find out!

What kind of surroundings would you describe that you grew up in?

What's your highest level of education?

What color clothing are you most likely to wear to work?

Do you walk fast?

How do you feel about public transportation?

Have you ever tried to order delivery past midnight?

How often do you "stop to smell the roses?"

Are you bothered by roadkill?

If something smells really bad, how do you respond?

Of the below, what do you think is the scariest?

Do you enjoy having roommates?

How do you feel about farm animals?

What's your preferred (one-way) commute length?

Do you enjoy road trips?

How often do you go camping?

Have you ever been "mudding?"

How often do you hang out with friends?

How do you feel about neighbors?

What's your ideal type of residence?

Do you like camouflage?

Have you ever been hunting?

Do you ever get road rage?

What kind of car do you drive?

How do you feel about country music?

Have you ever casually worn a western-style "cowboy/girl" hat?

Can you sleep through the sound of motor and/or foot traffic?

Do you like working with your hands?

Is it important to be able to see the stars whenever you look up at night?

Are you squeamish?

Which is more important when it comes to where you choose to live?

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