Are You a Cat Person?

By: Amanda Monell
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When it comes to our feline friends, people experience a range of different emotions when thinking about them. Perhaps it may be because cats are known for their mysterious natures and you never know how to interpret some of their actions. On top of which, compared to dogs, cats are a lot less interactive, meaning that you can tell what your canine friends are thinking. But for those of us who have experienced the love of a cat and know how to read them, these low maintenance pets are a treasure to own.

If you aren't well-versed in the language of cats, we can give you a few pointers. When it comes to gauging emotion, the three spots you should observe are their eyes, ears and tail. If you watch your kitty's eyes, you should notice the pupils. If they are dilated, it usually means that they're anxious or excited. With the ears, a sure sign that your advances are not welcomed is if the cat flattens their ears to their head. As for the tail, if you see that the cat is whipping its tail back and forth, get ready to be hissed at; they are not a fan of yours.

So, do you love all things feline? Let's see if we can guess after you take this quiz.

Some kitties dread going outside. Do you like to go outdoors?

As kitties get older, they tend to enjoy chilling at home. How often do you hit the gym?

Many cats become obese because their owners spoil them with treats. Which sweet treat would you eat?

You just spent quite a bit of money on a new toy for your cat. However, it likes the twist tie that came with the toy better. How do you feel?

Cats are notorious for bathing themselves several times a day. How many showers have you taken in the last week?

Just like dogs, cats have coats of varying lengths. How do you wear your hair?

You're getting ready to crash for the night and when you crawl into bed, your feet brush against a hairball. How do you react?

Dogs come in drastically different heights, and cat breeds can also range from itty bitty to bigger than a small dog. How tall are you?

The fur of a cat can come in a rainbow of colors. Have you ever dyed your hair?

Let's say you brought home a bundle of kitty joy. When your bae comes over to meet it, they break out in hives and find out that they're allergic to cats. What do you do?

Many cats are known for being picky about their people. What size is your friend group?

Because they're sometimes hard to understand, cats have gotten a reputation for being mysterious. How well do you keep secrets?

After hearing that a friend hates cats, you invite them over reluctantly. When your cat gives them some love, they freak out. What do you do?

Some pet owners like to dress up their cats for the holidays. Are you one of them?

When cats purr, it is believed to help alleviate pain in their bodies. What do you tend to do when you're in pain?

Which of these catlike abilities would you want to possess?

When a cat cuddles up with you, inevitably they fall asleep, which in turn gets you sleepy. Have you ever fallen asleep during a class?

When cats get upset, they make sure their owners know. What do you do when someone upsets you?

If you have an outdoor kitty, they have their own little territory that they hang out in. With that being said, is your neighborhood big or small?

Contrary to popular belief, cats are social animals. How are you at attracting the perfect mate?

If you've ever been clawed by a cat, you know that the pain can be intense. How long are your nails?

No one wants to see a hissing cat. Are you moody?

When cats get scared, their tails puff out. How do you react when you get scared?

Sometimes cats will stare at something for what feels like forever. Have you ever won a staring contest?

Many appreciate cats for their sleek and elegant appearance. How would you describe your body shape?

It's your cat's birthday! What do you do to celebrate?

You see your friend walking their cat on a leash. What is your first thought?

Many cat owners alter their homes to accommodate their furry roommates. Which of these additions would you add?

When you buy a cat, cleaning litterboxes gets added to your daily chores. How clean is your home?

Some kitties like talking to their owners. Are you a talkative person?

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