Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Your Favorite Football Team!

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with several billion people playing it and the World Cup final regularly drawing the highest ratings of any event on television. The Beautiful Game is thus beloved even in countries where other sports might hold the highest ranking, from the USA to India to Australia to all the countries of Europe, both large and small.

However, just because a person hails from a particular country doesn't mean their favorite team is from there. Sure, we all love to root for our national teams when the World Cup is on, but during the regular season, there's nothing like picking a horse and backing it all the way through a tournament or a league. Of course, this tends to favor the European teams, which hail from wealthy countries with a strong soccer culture and thus had a lot of reach to establish themselves in the popular consciousness (aided by the US audience taking time to appreciate its domestic league). Of course, there are also great teams in South America, Asia and Africa, each of which having fans everywhere.

Which team do you love most? Answer a few questions, and we bet we can figure it out!

Is it ever OK for a player to take a dive?

Do you prefer lots of constant running, as opposed to more careful movement followed by a swift run at the goal?

Do you watch the World Cup final no matter who is in it?

Do you play football yourself?

When your team scores, do you jump off whatever you're sitting on?

Do you travel to watch games in person?

If you can't be there, do you prefer a bar to watching at home?

Do you own your team strip?

Do you feel like your team is an underdog?

Do people ever think your choice of team is a bit weird?

Does your team's behavior ever make you wince?

Is your team considered likely to win a major championship in any given year?

Is your team based in a city you'd visit for reasons other than football?

Have they heard of your team in America?

Is your team full of superstars?

Does your team have a powerful oligarch owner?

Does your team have to face a rainy climate?

Would your team win against Manchester City?

Does your team speak Italian?

Is your team good enough that you can just assume it will get into the Champions' League or equivalent?

Does your team approve of lengthy post-goal celebrations?

Does your team's stadium serve decent food?

Would your team out one of their own if he cheated?

Is your team's average supporter affluent?

Do you curse at your team during games?

If your team were up by four goals with only eight minutes to go, would you still stay until the end?

Does your team prefer to get a small lead and defend it, rather than risk what has to be done to get a big lead?

If your team ceased to exist, do you have a backup team in mind?

Does your team have a local rival?

Does your team have a sense of humor?

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