Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Your College Major

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Ah, college. When you arrive, you take a variety of classes that include some subjects you love and some that you explore out of curiosity — as well as a few that you hate but have to take anyway. And generally, you don't have to declare your major until the second year. 

While choosing a major can cause a lot of angst, bear in mind two things. First, your major is not your future and you can always pivot later: For instance, plenty of English majors don't deal with literature in their eventual careers, and there's no rule that precludes philosophy majors from starting an e-commerce business. Secondly — and here's where this quiz comes in — even if you aren't supremely confident of the major you want to choose, you do know yourself, and that means you might have a good idea hidden in your subconscious. 

While choosing a major isn't the be-all and end-all of your life, it is a choice that must be made — and it's one that will likely lead to plenty of opportunity and self-discovery. In this quiz, answer some yes-or-no questions, and we'll guess your major. And if you haven't picked one yet, well, perhaps we can help point you in the right direction!

Do you love numbers?

Is money one of the most important things to you?

Do you care deeply about helping others?

Is Steve Jobs one of the people you most admire?

Do you think politics might be the right field for you?

Are you good with people?

Is your ideal weekend spent reading a big fat Victorian novel?

Do you fantasize about swooping in and saving someone's life in the street?

Have you read the Constitution more than once?

Do you mind taking many years to achieve a goal?

Do you anticipate being out of debt within five years of graduation?

Do you find your fellow students to be mostly very good people?

Do you think the arts are essential to living a well-rounded life?

Do you mind people not understanding what you do?

Be honest: Are you funny?

Do you need to live in a major city to be at the top of your chosen profession?

Are your parents worried about you, financially speaking?

Do you want to be in a field where you need a special title?

Do you like debating for hours, just for fun?

Would you feel safe in a field that is at high risk of automation?

Do you mind living in the gig economy?

Do you mind working non-traditional hours (as well as long ones)?

Would you ever take a massive pay cut for a huge increase in how meaningful your job is?

Do you look good in white?

Are you in the top 10% for sheer nerdiness?

Can you bear not knowing what your career path might look like?

Do you expect to support your parents in their old age?

Can you handle a negative public stereotype about what you do?

Is it important for you to get a postgraduate degree?

Do you see a computer as a tool, rather than an end in itself?

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