Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess What Season Your Baby Will Be Born In

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Whether you are daydreaming about your future family or you are currently expecting, we think we'll be able to guess what season your baby will be born in. All you have to do is answer our yes or no questions, and we'll do all the rest. Will you have a winter baby or will summer be your little one's jam?

As you make decisions throughout this quiz, try not to think so much. With your future family on your mind, you have much more important things to think about than the questions we ask. Instead of wasting time, answer each of our questions with a quick yes or no. You have a nursery to stock and sleep to hoard before your baby arrives, and we wouldn't want to take up too much of your time.

Once we see how you've answered, we think we will be able to accurately guess when your baby will be born. We hope that our prediction will help you to be better prepared with adorable little sweaters or teeny-tiny swimsuits. After you see what we've guessed, you want to share it with your friends. Then, they can find out when their babies will be born, too. Are you ready to find out?

Do you currently have any children?

Are any of your friends pregnant?

Do you like dill pickles?

Do you have a baby registry?

Will you name your baby after someone?

Did you plan for your little one?

Would you paint a nursery orange?

Will you breastfeed your baby?

Will you hire a nanny?

Have you ever changed a dirty diaper?

Does vomit make you gag?

Will you puree your own baby food?

Do you have any nieces or nephews?

Do you already own a stroller?

Will you have a doula in the delivery room?

Do you have a birth coach?

Do you know the sex of your baby?

Were you born in the summertime?

Would you try giving birth in a pool?

Do you know how to swaddle a baby?

Will you take an extended maternity leave?

Will you use cloth diapers?

Do you know any lullabies?

Do you own any Dr. Suess books?

Will you play music in the delivery room?

Do you know what a Bumble seat is?

Have you ever burped a baby?

Are you packed for the hospital?

Have you baby proofed your home?

Would you like to give birth at home?

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