Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess If You're a Perfectionist

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About This Quiz

Some of us cannot stand to leave home with a hair out of place, but others of us have better things to worry about. After you answer our yes or no questions, we think we'll be able to figure out how much of a perfectionist you are at heart. You may have already heard it from your friends, but don't you want to know for sure? 

While there's nothing explicitly wrong with being a perfectionist, it does require a high set of standards. We could ask you a bunch of questions with lengthy responses, but our experience tells us that the best way to get to the heart of the matter is to get a short and sweet answer. With perfectionists, too many words can result in overthinking, and overthinking can lead to an answer that's less than perfect! 

As you go through our yes or no questions, listen to your inner voice. Once you've offered up the exact number of answers we need to figure you out, we will let you know exactly where you stand on the scale of wanting everything right and wanting it right the first time! Will we make the right call about you? 

Do you proofread your texts before sending them?

Have you ever gone shopping in your pajamas?

Do you often spill food on yourself while eating?

Are you the type that never makes your bed?

Would you turn in an incomplete project to your boss?

Are you late for work more than once per week?

Do you know which color looks best on you?

Would you ever go out with one of your exes again?

Do you wash your car at least once a month?

Could your workspace be described as neat and tidy?

Do you clean up after yourself when you have dinner at a friend's house?

Are you concerned with what other people think of you?

Do you rearrange things on other people's desks or tables?

Are you okay with getting the wrong order at a restaurant?

Do you get concerned when a light doesn't change fast enough?

Can you often be found correcting the grammar of others on social media?

Do you write your schedule down and post it for others to see?

Would you say your nails are perfectly manicured?

Do you ever post photos without filters?

Have you ever forgotten your best friend's birthday?

Do you always drive the speed limit?

Would you say your best trait is your attention to detail?

Do you iron your clothes before you go to work?

Would anyone you know say that you are bossy?

Do you get upset with yourself if you miss a question on a test?

Are you able to fall asleep without brushing your teeth?

Do you often judge others by the way they are dressed?

Do you follow directions more than you make up your own rules?

Does it drive you insane when people chew with their mouths open?

Be honest—do you always wash your hands before leaving the bathroom?

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