Answer These “Would You Rather” Questions and We'll Guess If You Follow Your Brain or Your Heart

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"Would you rather" is a great party game. It's a great game to play when you are trying to get to know someone, too. The way people make decisions, approach situations, and answer questions tells a lot about them. When confronted with a problem, people often struggle with what their heart is telling them to do and what their brain is telling them to do. Thinking and making decisions based on emotion is not a wrong way to do it, just like solely making decisions with your brain isn't the right way to do it either. There is no one right way or wrong way to make decisions, since everyone is different and pulls from different experiences.

It's interesting to see how people come to certain conclusions, and the most casual way to do this is to play games like "would you rather." It shows you what a person is willing to do for something or where they put their priorities. They might choose options closely related to love or relationships versus practical decisions based on facts and experience. Have you always wondered if you think more with your brain or your heart? Answer these "would you rather" questions and we'll tell you!

Would you rather date a different person every night, or never go on a date again?

Would you rather eat only condiments on sandwiches or only meat?

Would you rather drink coffee every single morning for life, or tea only once a week?

Would you rather go to bed late and wake up early or go to bed early and wake up late?

Would you rather watch TVuntil you can't hear anymore or read a book until you can't see anymore?

Would you rather have never gone to school or never be able to get a job?

Would you rather wear pants everyday in the summer or shorts everyday in the winter?

Would you rather eat only sweet foods or only savory foods?

Would you rather run at a really low speed or lift weights that are too heavy?

Would you rather be rich or find true love?

Would you rather only eat at home or only eat at restaurants?

Would you rather clean by only sweeping the carpet or only vacuuming the tile?

Would you rather only be able to email or only be able to talk on a landline phone?

Would you rather wear all black at a wedding or all white at a funeral?

Would you rather be allergic to all animals or only be able to have one pet for the rest of your life?

Would you rather cook and not be able to eat or eat but always have to have someone else cook for you?

Would you rather share a tiny house with five people or live alone in a mansion?

Would you rather follow a celebrity in the news or on the street?

Would you rather only be able to drive everywhere or have to take public transportation everywhere?

Would you rather live on a different planet or inside your favorite book?

Would you rather it be summer, fall, winter or spring all year round?

Would you rather fall asleep every time you sit on the couch or never be able to fall asleep in your bed?

Would you rather eat only fruits and vegetables for dinner, or eat only steak for breakfast?

Would you rather go on one long vacation, but you only get one in your life, or go on many little trips?

Would you rather have a really old cellphone or no cellphone at all?

Would you rather fall in love or fall into a bowl of pasta?

Would you rather be able to fly high above everyone else but never come back down or see things going wrong but not be able to help?

Would you rather be on a TV show that no one watched or one that went on for 40 years?

Would you rather meet a U.S. president or British royalty?

Would you rather be 10 years old for the rest of your life, or age immediately to 60 years old?

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