Answer These Very Serious Morality Questions and We'll Guess If You Are Single, Taken or Somewhere In Between!

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Can the state of your love life determine whether or not you're an ethical person? In other words, does being single mean that you're more irresponsible than a taken person, or does dating tons of cuties at once mean that you're cruel or dishonest? 

Whether we admit it or not, most people make assumptions about what other people's dating statuses mean about their morality. They think coupled-up people are good and people with secret relationships are bad. They see unhappily single people as being nice and sympathetic and happily single people as somehow being wicked, just because they like to date around. 

But are these stereotypes actually true? We think not ... and we want to put this theory to the test! In this quiz, we're going to give you a bunch of hypothetical situations to respond to, each one involving a moral dilemma. Answer them honestly and we'll guess whether you're in a stable relationship, perpetually single, mired in an "it's complicated" situation or gleefully single. We bet that the results will be more accurate than you'd imagine. Want to see if we can figure out the REAL nature of your love life? Stop sliding into that zaddy's DMs and take this quiz!

Let's say you're at a dinner party at someone else's house. Would you take the last slice of pizza?

Do you feel obligated to let older people tell you long stories, even if they're boring?

Imagine your partner is rude and self-centered, always putting down your friends and projects. In your mind, would that justify cheating on them?

How much Netflix is too much Netflix?

Would you rather donate $100 to a nonprofit, volunteer for an hour at a community garden or run in your company's charity 5k?

Upon seeing someone annoying ringing your doorbell, have you ever hidden behind your couch?

Let's say you work with your best friend. She often shirks her responsibilities while expecting you to cover for her. What do you do?

If you hate someone else's political opinions, is it okay to stop talking to them?

You're in a band. A record-company executive approaches and tells you he's willing to sign you if you leave the band and go solo. What do you do?

We'd all lie to the cops on behalf of our parents, but would you lie to the cops on behalf of your aunt?

If you learned that your cat Sprinkles was killing local hummingbirds, would you start keeping him inside?

One day, by accident, you find out that your ex-bf or ex-gf lied about their financial status to get an important scholarship. How do you handle it?

As a flirtation tactic, is it okay to wait three hours to text someone back, or is that manipulative?

What would you do if your sibling asked you to be their pregnancy surrogate?

A friend is always complaining to you about her troubled love life. You know she had a rough time, but you're getting tired of it. What do you tell her?

Can you send someone a winky emoji (😉) if you don't mean anything by it, or that totally wrong???

You and ten friends go out to dinner. Most of them drink, but you don't. At the end of the night, they want to split the bill eleven ways, even though they ordered plenty of cocktails. Do you agree?

In your building's laundry room, you find a beautiful pair of designer jeans that fit you like a glove. Do you turn them in to the Lost & Found?

Let's say your mother has a dairy allergy. Would you feel comfortable scarfing ice cream in front of her?

You're out with friends and a dorky pal keeps embarrassing you in front of your crush. Do you look for a chance to ditch them or stick by their side?

Imagine you're dating someone with a child. You don't hate the kid, but they prevent you from spending as much time with your partner as you'd like. How do you handle it?

Considering all the problems in the world, is it okay under any circumstances to spend more than $400 on a purse?

Would you adopt a very ugly dog if you were told that no one else would take her home?

You go to a birthday party. You and your partner are the only people there. How long do you feel obligated to stay?

Let's say your roommate won't stop stealing your expensive conditioner. What's a good punishment for him?

If someone offered to donate a million dollars to a children's hospital if you made out with one of your parents' best friends, would you do it?

How late can a good person stay in bed on Saturday morning?

You discover your boss is embezzling. He says that if you don't say anything, you've got a job for life. You have a baby at home. What do you do?

A teenage neighbor keys your car as a joke. You know his family is very poor and can't pay for repairs. Do you report him anyway?

Your grandfather buys you a sweater that you HATE. What do you tell him?

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