Answer These Random Questions and We'll Guess Who You Had an Affair With in a Past Life

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We might not realize it, but the things we did in our former lives are still shaping the way we behave to this day. Our traits transcend the ages, but our carnal desires have pretty much stayed the same since the birth of man. Once you answer our random questions, we'll tell you who you had an affair with in a former life. Then, you'll know why you are the way you are in relationships! 

Let's face it! We live in far tamer times now than we used to live in centuries ago. From kings who wanted the freedom to marry whomever they pleased to women who led rebellion while naked and on horseback, the folks we knew in our former lives were much more upfront about what they wanted. Seeing the way you respond to the things you aren't expecting will point us straight to the person who brought out your historical wild side.

You might live a squeaky clean life now, but everyone had a wild streak back when the rules were being formed. Choose your answers carefully, and watch as your former lover is revealed to you. Which of the past's forbidden fruits was something you couldn't resist?

Which of these things makes you feel queasy?

What type of tree do you find most beautiful?

Which dog breed embodies your spirit the best?

If you found a winning lottery ticket, what would you do?

Which word comes to mind when you look in the mirror?

How would your best friend sum up your dance moves?

If a movie were made about your job, what would it be like?

Do you closely follow politics?

What kind of class would you rather take?

Do you strike up conversations when you're in line?

What sort of first impression do you make?

If you had relationship dream about your coworker, how would you handle it?

Which of these critters freaks you out the most?

Can you stand on one foot and recite the alphabet backward?

Have you ever been told that you drive like someone's grandma?

If you won a $10,000 shopping spree, where would you spend it?

Were you a nerd or an athlete in high school?

What flavor of pie sounds good for tonight's dessert?

Which area of your life could you improve?

Do you know all the words to "Baby Shark?"

Where would you rank in a wolf pack?

Which of these gemstones best reflects your inner spirit?

Have you ever worked in retail?

What kind of bread do you use to make sandwiches?

Which European city matches your sense of style?

If you were a middle school principal, how would your students see you?

Are you as curious as a cat?

How do usually spend Saturday afternoons?

What usually wakes you up in the mornings?

When is the last time you went jogging?

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