Answer These Questions About Your School Life and We'll Guess What Decade You Were Born In

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Rah, rah, ree! Kick 'em in the knee! Well, that might not have been your school's fight song, but we would like to know which one it was. Tell us all about your school years, and we'll be able to tell you the decade which you attended. Did your school still teach home economics, or was that a thing of the past before you got there?

Throughout this quiz, we'll pick your brain and your memory about the way things worked at your school. We'll cover everything from the first bell until you got home from school to watch the latest after-school special. All you need to do is look back through the good old days, and respond with the most accurate answer. We promised not to pass or fail you. In fact, there's no grading at all. We would just love jump in the nostalgia machine with you and go back to your days of reading, writing, and arithmetic. 

Share all your favorite school memories with us, and we'll take an educated guess about the years you were in school. This time, it's your turn to be the educator! Ready to see if we're right? Let's quiz.

Which sport was biggest at your school?

Did you drive to school?

What was your favorite subject in school?

Did your school have a Sadie Hawkins dance?

Did you ever take a home economics class?

What high school stereotype did you fall under?

Did you go to your prom?

How did your teacher write instructions?

Did you graduate towards the top or the bottom of your class?

Which word sums up your favorite teacher?

Did you ever take an arithmetic class?

How did you feel about you school lunches?

Did you enjoy physical education classes?

Did you go to a large school or a small school?

How did you keep all your stuff organized?

What did you usually do when you got home from school?

Did boys and girls have classes together at your school?

Where did you sit in the classroom?

Did you take driver's ed in school?

What did you have to dissect in biology class?

Did you have study hall in school?

Did you sing in the school choir?

Did you school teach sex education?

Did your parents attend the same school?

What was your least favorite class?

Did you go to college after high school?

Was you school a private school or a public school?

Were you allowed to date during high school?

Did you go to your last high school reunion?

Did your school have a mascot?

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