Answer These Morality Questions and We'll Guess Your Soul’s True Age

By: Isadora Teich
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Do you believe that what's right and wrong is absolutely set in stone? Or do you think that morality and ethics are situational, subjective and far more complex than that? There are many ways to approach questions of morality, and many different ethical stances a person can take. However, almost all of them are complicated. When it comes to intense situations, it is often hard to tell what exactly is the most right course of action to take.   

So, take a crack at some challenging moral conundrums, and based on your answers we will tell you just how old your soul is. Are you a sage, ancient spirit who has had lifetimes to think about all of life's moral pitfalls, or is your soul a little bit more green?  Morality can be as complex as your stance on issues and situations where lives are on the line, or as simple as deciding what to do when you find a $20 bill on the ground. Whether big or small, moral dilemmas are a part of most of our lives day in and day out. Your take on some morality issues might just reveal the exact age of your inner soul!

You are married. Someone you are not married to kisses you unexpectedly, but that is as far as it goes. Do you tell your spouse?

Someone strikes you in anger. Is it wrong or right to strike back?

Your friend has low self-esteem. They find a shirt they really like, but it looks horrible on them. When they ask you what you think, what do you say?

If you are in a store and you find $50 on the ground, what do you do?

Do you think it is wrong to steal from a corporation, like Walmart?

If something is illegal, does that also automatically make it immoral?

If a sick patient dies under a doctor's care, does that automatically mean that the doctor did something wrong?

You have a crush on a friend's partner. Is this wrong?

You are a billionaire. Millions of kids in your country are starving. Is it wrong for you to not help them?

Where do you think true morality comes from?

Your partner admits to having cheated on you. Does them admitting to it and being honest make you judge them more favorably?

You have two children, one you get along with and one you don't. Is favoring the first one wrong?

Many people consider religion and morality to be intertwined. Do you think they are?

Does everyone who is in jail deserve to be there, in your opinion?

Is killing another person always wrong?

In your opinion, is war ever morally justifiable?

In different parts of the world, what is considered moral and immoral can vary a lot. What does that tell you about the nature of morality?

If someone tells you that they are a good person, do you believe them?

Is lying always wrong?

Someone is driving, and black ice causes them to crash into another car. They kill the other driver. Have they done something immoral?

If someone means to help you, but causes you horrific problems, do their good intentions matter?

Someone who was really horrible to you passes away. Is it immoral to speak poorly of them?

Do you think that people owe forgiveness to those who have hurt them?

If a parent was horribly cruel to the child they raised, is it immoral of that child to later cut them out of their life?

A woman is seeing two men, one who is rich and one who is poor. She gets pregnant by the poor man, but if the rich man believes the child is his the child will have a much better life. Does she owe it to the men to be honest with them, or to her child to secure it a comfortable place in the world?

Is it immoral to eat animal products?

Is it moral or immoral to be in the military of any country?

Is the death penalty moral or immoral?

A lot of fast fashion is made by sweatshop workers in horrible conditions. If someone doesn't know this, are they doing something wrong by buying fast fashion?

A single father loses his job and has to take up illegal work so his children don't starve. Is what he is doing wrong?

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