Answer These Love Questions and We’ll Guess What Kind of Kisser You Are

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The ways in which we love, who we love, and why we fall in love are deeply personal. No two people have exactly the same tastes and proclivities - not in romantic partners, not in romantic circumstances, not in the expectations we have of our partners. What will set one person off, making them irate, even at a loved one, is not the same as what will do this with another person. Love springs up in unexpected places, and most people will have romantic relationships with several people, most of them very different from each other. What is it that binds them together, that we can think of them as possible romantic interests?

Similarly, expressions of love are very specific. A healthy marriage might feature someone showing love by always making tea in the morning, or emptying the dishwasher when their partner is picky about tidiness. There are expressions of love that mean a lot more to the person expressing themselves than they do to the person who is the object of the affection. Then, of course, there are expressions of love that mean the same thing to both people, kisses being a perfect example. Still, the question remains: how do you kiss? We think we can figure that out if you tell us what you think about love. What's love got to do with it? Everything!

How long do you date someone before you start referring to them as your boyfriend/girlfriend?

What quality do you prize above all others in a romantic partner?

How much involvement do you have in supporting the career of your significant other?

How often would you like to go on a romantic getaway?

From where do you draw your dating pool?

Which of the following makes you the most uncomfortable?

How long do you date someone before you start using terms of affection for them like "honey" or "boo"?

From what quality do you flee when you see it in a potential romantic partner?

What sort of regular affection do you expect from a partner, at a minimum?

How often would you say "I love you" to a spouse or serious significant other?

How tolerant are you of a significant other's embarrassing bad habits?

How willing are you to stand up to a significant other for their own good?

How likely are you to make the first move?

How often do you initiate the breakup?

Where do you draw the line on your significant other's pet ownership habits?

How often do your feelings of love transform into religious sentiment?

What is an appropriate Valentine's Day gift?

When in love, how often have you despaired at the mere thought of not being in love?

How willing are you to endure terrible in-laws?

How do you feel about public displays of affection?

Who were your models for how someone in love should act?

When your love becomes demonstrative, how planned are your actions?

How often do you show affection to your sweetheart on a daily basis?

Do you see being in a relationship as the main reason to go to nice dinners, etc?

When you were single, how much of your monthly budget did you spend on dating?

How would you greet a significant other you had not seen in ages?

What kind of treat do you like to receive from a significant other?

How much time do you like to spend around your significant other?

How much career support do you expect from your significant other?

Which of these unfortunate events would you be most willing to attend on behalf of a significant other?

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