Answer Some Random Questions and We'll Tell You Which Apex Predator You Are

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Though humans aren't natural apex predators, we used our brains to fight our way to the top of the food chain. Animals like bears, tigers, lions and crocodiles, meanwhile, earned their spot at the top by way of sheer strength. Through physical traits like lightning-quick speed, gargantuan muscles and vampire-sharp canines, these animals easily overpower all the rest. Even in the dead of night, they can sleep soundly knowing that a predator probably isn't plotting to tear into them. 

Although we're not natural apex predators, we have more in common with these animals than meets the eye. In fact, humans worked so hard to be as powerful as these creatures, there seems to be an apex animal deep down inside every individual. 

When you need to intimidate your enemies or garner the strength you need to go on, which apex animal do you channel? By answering the following random questions, you'll finally know which ferocious creature is actually the true you. Are you the King of the Jungle, or the Queen of the Sea? Is your natural habitat the African savannah or the swampy marshes of Florida? The following quiz will give you the answers you need to know, once and for all. Answer honestly, though—no lion! 

Mmm, brunch. What will you order for everyone's favorite meal?

After observing their palpable connection in "A Star is Born," a lot of people ship Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, especially now that they're single. Do you?

OK, pretend that aliens landed on earth. Would you prefer that they be robots or an organic species?

Even when no one else will, Ben & Jerry's will always be there for you. So, which flavor is your go-to?

Would you rather lose the ability to read, lose the ability to write or lose the ability to speak?

Michael B. Jordan is an actor, model and heartthrob. So, which Michael B. Jordan is your favorite Michael B. Jordan?

Let's rewind to middle school gym class. Which skill was your most impressive?

You're still in gym class, and your teacher is telling everyone what activity you're doing today. What do you hope it is?

Speaking of school-related activities, which of the following is your favorite subject?

Maybe you don't play fetch or roll in the grass, but still. Which dog breed are you most like?

Time to read a classic work of literature. Which book will you choose?

Wow, you can suddenly talk to animals—but only some of them. Which variety do you most hope to be able to communicate with?

Which trendy meal in a Mason jar would you like to order?

You have some secrets you've been dying to get off your chest, but you can't tell anyone in your inner circle. Which celeb would you like to spill the tea to instead?

You have to live in one of the following tiny homes for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

Now, where will you live in your new tiny home?

No one is perfect. So, what's your most not-so-perfect trait?

Now, what's one awesome quality about you?

"I liked them before they were famous," so many say. So, which musical artist did you totally love before they hit it big?

Let's take a break and watch a Disney movie. Which one do you want to see?

People might not be perfect, but some things are. Which one of these perfect items sounds the most perfect?

One of the Jonas brothers is going shopping with you! Who do you hope it is?

While you're out shopping, what brand of sneakers will you buy?

OK, maybe you guys should grab a coffee now. Which trendy latte will you order?

Now it's time to say goodbye! Do you think you're going to see your new Jonas Brother friend again?

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about this. So, what would you say is the most important part of a burrito (excluding the tortilla)?

Speaking of lunch items, where do you stand on the great hot dog sandwich debate?

Which Prince hit do you wish would play every time you enter a room?

Some people are night owls, others are morning larks. How about you—what's your favorite time of day?

Yawn. How many times do you press snooze before finally rolling out of bed?

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