Ancient Greek Animal Personality Quiz

By: Alex Wittman
Image: Christiana Stawski/Moment Open/gettyimages

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Sure, Greek Gods like Zeus, Athena and Aphrodite were cool and stuff, but let's be honest: their stories would hardly slay without the mythological creatures that made them interesting. Whether our fave Gods and Goddesses were facing off against beasts from the underworld or were getting a helping hand from friendlier ancient animals, the mythological creatures of age-old Greece are a major part of what has helped these stories stand the test of time. If we're being honest, we low key think the ancient animals are the best thing about Greek mythology. Yeah, Hercules is swol or whatever, but all those muscles wouldn't look half as good if he wasn't flying around on Pegasus. Facts.

Some call them creatures, and some call them monsters. But, all the ancient Greek animals have a special place in our heart. If, like us, you think the Minotaur is a big mood, you won't want to miss our ancient Greek animal personality quiz. Drop whatever you're doing (unless you're tying your toga, then finish that first), and take our quiz to reveal your inner mythological critter. We scoured the stories to bring you the best of the best, and like when the Trojan horse opened up to reveal a whole freaking army, you'll be shook after seeing your results.

In your humble opinion, which of these Greek Gods is the GOAT?

Yas kween, we are living for the Greek Goddesses. Which one is your fave?

Bruh, if you could live forever in one season of the year, which would it be?

Because animals are life, which of these is your fave?

Imagine you're a Greek hero and a terrifying monster roars in your face. How do you react?

If you could level up your game with some superpowers, what would you want?

Some troll comes after you on social media. How do you clap back?

When you open your closet, which neutral color do you see the most of in your wardrobe?

Greek mythology is so totally lit. Which of these ancient heroes is your favorite?

Let's have a movie night. Which of these flicks about ancient Greece would you be down to watch right now?

Everyone has their own definition, but what's a hero to you?

Your fam is way extra and surprises you with a pet. Which of the following would you just die to have?

Daenerys Targaryen is the Mother of Dragons. Which mythical creature would you be down to be the parent of?

You just won an all-expenses paid trip to Greece! Where would you like to visit first?

Don't worry about being modest. Which of the following is your best attribute?

Picture yourself in ancient Greece fighting a battle. When your enemy finally surrenders, what's your move?

Don't get tilted, but what's your greatest weakness?

No cap, are you a fan of Greek mythology?

You have to move out of your current home and establish residency somewhere new. Where are you headed?

Something way freaky happened, and you're growing animal parts out of your human body. What addition would you not mind all that much?

Turn up with some philosophy. Which of these Greek minds had the best vibe?

Nom, time to chow. Which of these Greek dishes could you totally go in on right now?

The first Olympic Games were, for sure, lit. What event would you have owned?

We know you're complex and stuff, but which of the following words best describes you?

Be one with nature. Which of the elements is so your vibe?

It's Friday night after a long week. How are you spending your evening?

You and your crew decide to hit up a party. What's your first move after arriving?

In your life, what do you feel the most #blessed about?

We low key have to know, do people ever find you intimidating?

If you had lived in ancient Greece, which clothing item would have been your fave?

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