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The difference between naughty and nice is often in the perception. What one person considers taboo another might consider a normal Sunday morning. It's also something a lot of people struggle with. Are your naughty tendencies too naughty? Are you still normal? What is normal anyway? At the end of the day, if you're comfortable with yourself and how you feel about what you do, and no one is being hurt, then it's probably all good. Your naughtiness is a part of you just like your hair color and your shoe size. The only thing you need to consider now is—are you really all that naughty?

Different people are definitely going to have different opinions on what qualifies as naughty. But if you think you have that little spark burning somewhere inside of you, then maybe it's worth exploring for a while. Maybe it's worth asking a few questions about what you think is naughty in the world and what isn't so we can get a better idea of just how naughty you truly are. After all, naughty or nice, it's always best to know who you are and how you feel about things to make your journey through life a little more exciting. So, if you want to find out just how naughty you are, take the quiz!

If grandma needed to use your phone to check her email, would you be OK with her scrolling through your browser history?

Have you ever picked up a cucumber in the grocery store and found yourself giggling?

If we were to take a peek in your nightstand drawer would we find anything noteworthy in there?

Would you ever consider getting a little frisky in the great outdoors?

If we looked through the pics on your phone would we find any that are a little more intense than PG-13?

On a Friday night when you're out with friends, are you drinking water or something a little stronger?

If your friends invite you on a weekend trip to Vegas, how tempted would you be to go?

If your significant other was out of town, would you ever engage in a little dirty talk during a late night phone call?

If you're driving on a long, lonely stretch of highway with no one around, is there a chance you're going to start speeding?

If you and a special someone are in a hot tub together is there a chance you might do so in the buff?

Has there ever been a time when you were playing on the internet and you maybe got distracted by some naughty videos?

What do you think of the word "moist?"

If you were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, is there a chance you'd flash the crowd for some beads?

Has there ever been a time in your life when perhaps you partook of some mind-altering substances?

If you're in a relationship with someone, is kissing someone else cheating?

Do you have any skill when it comes to telling dirty jokes?

How often do you find yourself peppering a conversation with innuendo?

If you were seeing someone who turned out to be just awful in bed, how would you handle that situation?

Do you and your best friend discuss the dirty details of your love life?

Have you ever been inspired to do a sexy dance for someone?

Do you know what it feels like to have handcuffs on your wrists?

Is it possible you've ever called in sick to work just so you could go do something fun instead?

Do you have a sexy-time music playlist?

Have you and a partner ever made the sort of home movie you wouldn't want your folks to see?

How open are you to the idea of a one-night stand?

Does your mind ever drift to some dirty thoughts about friends or coworkers?

Have you ever gotten in trouble for being a little too flirty?

So what kind of underwear do you tend to wear most days?

Are public displays of affection the sort of thing you're into?

Have you ever tried to use your sexuality to get what you want out of someone?

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