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Human beings are often judged based on first impressions, which means their appearance often outweighs their personality. This can make people to question their own type of beauty. If you find yourself in this predicament, we're here to shed some light for you. Of course, being attractive isn't just about your outward appearance, as your inner personality plays a role in this as well.  

When you think of attractive people, some celebrities may come to mind, as they typically set the standards for what is considered to be "attractive" or "beautiful." But it's important to know that the definition of beauty may vary from person to person. For example, you may think that Natalie Portman is an attractive person, but not everyone feels the same way. In other words, people are attracted to different kinds of physical and emotional traits in this world, and we all can't embody every single one of these traits at the same time. Your unique beauty is something to be proud of and, quite frankly, we consider that to be the most attractive aspect of all. So there's no need to wear makeup or dress up fashionably for this quiz because we're about to find out just how attractive you really are. 

Let's focus on the length of your hair for a moment. Do you have long hair, short hair or a medium-length haircut?

Do you exercise on a consistent basis, or not so much?

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), how would you rate your sense of humor?

Would other people describe your personality as kind and gentle, or are you more tough and strong?

Beauty sleep is important when it comes to being attractive! How much sleep do you get every night?

Many people may focus on your eyes when they talk to you. Can you tell us what color they see?

Levels of confidence may vary from person to person. How high is your self-esteem?

When you're walking down the street, do you notice strangers glancing at your beautiful face?

If you met someone at a bar for the first time, how many hours could you hold a conversation with them?

Do you often get annoyed with the number of people asking to hang out with you, or does this rarely happen?

Idioms are often used as life lessons. Which of the following idioms matches your current views on life?

It's time to get a sense of your style! Would you describe yourself as a fashionable person, or do you dress more casually?

Are you an independent person or do you tend to rely on other people for happiness and/or security?

If you were going to present a project, would you rather go first or last?

It's time to take a trip down History Lane! If you could change your name to one of the following Greek goddesses, which one would you choose?

Stress can have an effect on everyone in life. Do you get stressed out easily, or do you tend to remain calm and focused no matter what happens?

You have the opportunity to make one of your physical features more attractive. Which do you choose?

Do you tend to brag about yourself, or are you the type who always remains humble?

Your scent may be attractive to other people! Which of the following scents do you tend to smell like?

Would you feel like a loser if you asked someone for help, or is this the sign of a winner?

Books are a fun way to gain insight about the world. If someone saw you reading a book at a library, what kind of book would they see?

Let's shift our attention to your cooking skills! Are you skilled enough to make a beef wellington for us?

If someone you didn't know that well wanted to hang out with you, what would you say to them?

Your personality may be similar to a type of animal! Are you more free-spirited like a bird or lazy like a cat?

Your best friend just told you a secret. How many other people are you going to share this secret with?

Pretend that your best friend just got a really ugly haircut. Would you tell them the truth about it or act like nothing is wrong?

When someone tries to start an argument with you, do you tend to argue back or leave the situation?

Let's say that you're in a relationship with the crush of your dreams. Would you become jealous if they flirt with someone else?

The size of one's social circle may vary depending on the person. Is your social circle the size of a planet or is it as small as a bottle cap?

Imagine your personality as a type of Jolly Rancher candy. Which flavor would your personality be wrapped in?

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