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Whether you want to admit it or not, it's cool to be perceived as a flirt. After all, some of the most memorable fictional characters of all time were flirts, such as James Bond, Scarlett O'Hara, Becky Sharp and Don Draper. Flirting helps you to connect with people, become more popular, and test the waters with potential love interests. So why does flirting get such a bad rap? Maybe it has something to do with jealousy. After all, when someone flirts with you, you feel safe assuming they're interested in you. Perhaps you even start making plans for a future relationship with them, thinking that real feelings might develop between you. 

However, here's the thing — it's not fair or rational to ask someone else to pretend that you're the only attractive person in the world. In a way, flirts are more honest than the rest of us, because they see the charm in everyone (and respond to it accordingly.) So being a flirt isn't only fun; it's realistic! 

Now that we've settled that being a flirt is actually very moral, let's talk about this quiz. If you've always wondered what your flirtiness quotient is, this is the quiz for you. We're going to ask you about winking, skinny-dipping, cute neighbors and more. After you tell us the truth about your flirting behavior, we'll reveal exactly what kind of flirt you are. Ready to get saucy? Let's play!

Your high school ex sends you a DM. You're currently in a relationship. What's your move?

At the coffeeshop, the barista asks you what you're doing this weekend. Your response?

Imagine that a VERY CUTE neighbor just moved in next door. How will you introduce yourself?

Your friends are trying to raise money for a dog charity by having a car wash. They ask you to participate while scantily clad, since you have a great body. Your response?

Have you ever offered a crush a "free massage" for "no reason"?

Be honest — how many people have you made out with in your life?

If you were a Desperate Housewife, which one would you be?

Beach time! What will you be wearing?

If you were out with friends and one of them wanted to ditch you because their crush texted them, would you be mad?

Have you ever pretended to like "Red Dead Redemption" or "Pretty Little Liars" in order to make someone like you?

If someone you didn't know at all asked you on a date because they liked one of your IG pics, would you go?

What's the best way to show someone that you REALLY like them?

Are you attracted to any of your friends?

Do you ever flirt with people you're not actually interested in dating?

While on a date with someone new, they mention they live at a clothing-optional communal house. Is this a turn-off or no?

Have you ever winked at someone hot?

A stranger's dog tries to steal your newspaper! Luckily, the dog and its owner are both really cute. How will you get your "revenge"?

What's the longest you've ever been single?

It's time to get dressed for work! Which outfit are you most likely to wear?

Are you a Miranda, a Carrie, a Charlotte or a Samantha?

Has your partner ever gotten jealous of how flirty you are?

What's your favorite emoji to text?

Are you the kind of person who wears attractive clothes that they don't actually need, i.e., cowboy hats, overalls or garter belts?

How much make-up is too much make-up?

Your college club wants to raise money for pediatric cancer through a kissing booth. They ask you to sign up for a shift. What do you say?

Imagine you're at a loud party with your date. They whisper in your ear, "Let's get out of here." What do you do?

When SHOULDN'T you flirt?

In your opinion, is ignoring your crush an effective flirtation technique?

How many times have you been called a big flirt?

Want to go skinny-dipping with us?

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