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There are many dog breeds out there, for sure. But there are so many common ones familiar around the world that everyone could easily name at least a dozen of such dogs. Try it, we dare you!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on their characteristics and personalities, these dogs could also have varying roles in the households where they belong. There are some families that also like taking care of specific types of dogs. There are also those families who love any kind of dog! And there are those who try to diversify and keep different breeds at the same time, but with some commonality (such as the animals' sizes or kind of fur). 

Finding the perfect dog breed for a specific person's temperament is indeed a challenge for anyone. Just because they are dogs doesn't automatically mean that they will be welcomed with open arms in a household. Plus there are also considerations about how to maintain their upkeep. Bigger dogs obviously need bigger surroundings, while the smaller ones could be welcome anywhere inside the house.

So, if you think you can ace this dog quiz, give it a shot and have fun!

It's Snoopy's breed! What is it?

A beagle is a smaller kind of hound. Funny that its origins is that of a hunting dog, and Snoopy's not the type!


It might herd sheep while saying "Guten morgen!" What breed is this?

A German Shepherd is usually big in stature. And yes, it has German ancestry.


It could be found in Massachusetts, given its name. What is it?

Did you know that the Boston Terrier was originally a fighting dog? And yes, its origins could be traced in America.


Its heavy-set body and heavily wrinkled face still makes it lovable. What is it?

Bulldogs could also be fierce. But they're also gentle-looking at times.


Its very, very, very curly fur is unmistakable anywhere. What breed is this?

A poodle is good as a show dog. Its curly fur makes it a big hit.


Its shiny, shimmering, splendid name has good recall. What breed is this?

It's interesting to note that the Golden Retriever indeed has retrieving abilities. They are good companions for hunters.


It's another German-originating breed. What is it?

Rottweiler dogs usually look fierce if needed. But they're domesticated enough already, so they appear kinder.


Its name really reflects its huge stature. What breed is this?

A Great Dane could come in different colors. But its standing stature is so big that it's really true to its name!


This breed looks like they have elongated snouts. What is it?

A Greyhound could race very fast. Perhaps it's due to the way its anatomy is "designed."


It has very, very short legs but very, very long body. What is it?

A Dachshund could sniff out smaller animals burrowing on the ground. That's why it's not that tall!


This huge, huge dog breed is characterized with a barrel hanging under its neck. What is it?

The St. Bernard is that huge dog pictured with a barrel hung around its neck, and hanging in front. It's supposed to be filled with brandy.


It has huge eyes and it's kinda pudgy-looking. What is it?

The pug is a bit on the heavy side. Given that it's shorter and smaller than the average-sized dog, its stature could be affected by its weight. Still cute, though.


What is this temperamental dog called?

A Bull Terrier has strangely smaller eyes than average dogs. It is indeed quite hard to tame.


This lovable breed is easy to spot due to its very puffy fur, like it exploded kind of puffy! What is it?

The Chow Chow is indeed Chinese in origin. But this lovable breed has proud owners worldwide.


No, it wasn't really bred in a laboratory. What's this breed?

Did you know that the Labrador Retriever is the breed usually chosen to be guide dogs for the blind? Yep, they're that reliable and dependable!


This breed might as well sing "We are one, ole ola!" What breed is this?

In the TV show Parks and Recreation, a pit bull there has three legs. It's an interesting storyline.


There's 101 of them... at the movies. What breed is this?

The Dalmatian is usually a white dog with big, black spots. It's also very slim.


Can you name this breed?

The Basset Hound has really, really short legs. Their origins could explain this, as they were bred to become hunters on the ground.


This Spanish-sounding dog breed's name is ___.

Indeed, the Chihuahua is of Mexican origin. It shares its name with a state found in that country.


Ever seen one of these dogs? What is it?

The Pomeranian has its origins in Central Europe. It counts Poland and Germany for its roots.


This dog breed's name sounds like a soupy dish. What is it?

The Lhasa Apso is actually Tibetan in origin. It's supposed to be a sort of guard dog for Buddhist monks.


This British-sounding breed is ___.

An Old English Sheepdog indeed has herding characteristics. That was what they were originally bred for.


This could have a reddish name. What breed is this?

The Bloodhound has a great scent tracker. So it's good for sniffing out stuff.


This breed's name might sound arrogant. What is it?

The dog in the movie Lady and the Tramp is a Cocker Spaniel. Because of that film, its breed became popular at that time!


Familiar with this breed? What is it?

JFK had a Welsh Terrier for a dog before. So it's indeed presidential!


Its name sounds like, um, sound effects! What dog breed is it?

A Cockapoo appears rather small in stature. But it's as cute as ever!


Is it a dog or an athlete? What is it?

The Boxer looks like it's always ready for a fight! But it could also be very gentle.


It's man's best friend alright. What breed is this?

The Dobermann is actually named after the person who bred it. He was German.


This breed might sound a bit Euro-Asian. What is it?

The Siberian Husky looks very magnanimous with its beautiful coat. It's like a guard dog with fierce-looking eyes.


This breed could be found in another country-continent. What is it?

The Australian Cattledog is pretty straightforward with its origin. The same can be said of its purpose.


Excusez-moi, s'il vous plait, but what breed is this?

The French Bulldog is also known by the nickname of Frenchie. Don't add fries to that!


Sounds like a sneeze! What's this dog's breed?

The Shih Tzu is probably one of the more famous small toy dog breeds. It can fit in your purse, if needed...


Familiar with this dog breed? What is it?

The Shetland Sheepdog is indeed Scottish in origin. It's also known as a Sheltie.


It might have a British accent, of sorts. What breed is this?

Terrier dogs are really smaller in stature. It's the same for the Yorkshire terrier.


It may not be a flexible breed. What is it?

The English Mastiff is not really that stiff. It's a huge but lovable kind.


It might be an edgy dog. What breed is this?

The Border Collie is an intelligent breed. You can train it to catch frisbees!


Now this is definitely Chinese. What breed is this?

The Pekingese is also termed as a Lion Dog in China. Funny to have that nickname, since it's a toy breed kind.


What's the catch with this dog breed? You know what it is?

New Hampshire must love the Chinook. It's the state's official dog, actually.


What is this mighty, mighty small breed?

The Miniature Pinscher has German and Italian breeds mixed in there. It's a toy dog breed.


Are you familiar with this breed? What is it, then?

The Bullmastiff is a large dog. But it's actually a domesticated one.


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